Why wud zenon need a layer 2?

Layer 2 were designed to overcome limitations of earlier layer 1s BTC , ETH to increase their transaction speeds and reduce gas.

Zenon has 0 gas fees, once narwal and tusk implemented we will have 100k tps or more. What advantage will layer 2s have.

Mr Kaine March 30–A L2 (zk)EVM can onboard users pretty fast.

Custom virtual machines? A layer with a EVM running with znn as gas with burning mechanism.

We need to have a requirement for a layer 2.

2 is 2x1. Bigger number so a layer 2 is two times bigger than a layer 1

NoM L1 will be for consensus only. No bloat, no bull shit. Settlement only (mostly). We have a few contracts on the L1 for AZ, HTLCs, PTLCs, and the bridge. As kaine has stated, we can expect L1 to setting > 100K TPS.

The SC layer will live on the L2 along with Unikernels (I think). So we need an L2 to scale the usability of NoM, not necessarily the TPS.


Consensus is run by meta DAG. If layer 1 is consensus only what will block lattice do?

Having several Layer 2s is not user friendly. Having to bridge in and out is not something I wud want to do frequently.

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Can u be more detailed?

The NoM L1 will be for settlement only (with the except of a few contracts) to keep the protocol light and fast. There is no bloat on the L1. It simply settles TXs. Poon talked about variations of this in 2018. I started the talk where he talks about how the L1 is used for consensus.

The L2 infrastructure will be used to scale functionality - SC Layer (WASM), Unikernels, etc… The functionality will appear on higher layers so the L1 can adjudicate disputes only. Poon was talking / thinking about this back in 2018/19.

If you want to learn more watch all Poon videos on youtube about Plasma.


So a main chain with a network of layer 2s. Reminds of polkadot but with layer 2

We need a layer 2 for privacy transactions, something like monero/ tornado cash on steroids.
Privacy smart contracts
Privacy stable tokens