What would you like to see built as a zApp once SC go live?

The forum activity has slowed down a bit, so picking up the pace with a imaginative one.

An alien genie grants you a zApp wish the day after Smart Contracts go live on NoM:

What do you ask the genie for?

I’ll start, a fully-fledged version of https://goals.co with a built-in log in with s y r i u s and functioning marketplace to feelesly trade in-game assets like uniquely created and trained football players.

Hey, I could have asked for something more helpful to the world, but it’s my genie wish.

Zenon Dex


OpenZea with embedded steganography. NFTs can be saved locally or natively in the blockchain. Digital ownership is proven through keys embedded in the NFT. And users can run programs embedded in the NFT. NFTs can be combined, morphed or split which unlocks hidden treasures upon verification.


Something to help with crypto gaming

I’d love to see an E-sports tennis game with the exact mechanics and visual style of “tennis elbow 2013”

Players play for bitcoin, which comes from advertisers who run ads. Have some fun modes as well, like crazy costumes, tantrums animations … a lot of games take themselves way too seriously (ppl are escaping from reality, no one is looking for realism in a game)

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And to get around the BS of some players being licensed, some not being licensed – TE 2013 would just call roger federer “ricardo fiderir” and give him a swiss flag … genius. All sports games should just do this, it’s 1000X better than having “proper names” but missing your favourite player

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reminds me of oldschool SWOS