What is your favorite aspect of Zenon and how did you find it?

Favorite aspect: The game strategy for token distribution.

I didn’t find Zenon. Zenon found me.

Reply in kind.


Favorite Aspect: The schizo on all levels. The core devs, community devs, community, psyops, reverse psyops and everything in between. It’s a total mind F and I absolutely love that. I also like to imagine a low market cap L1 with ZERO VC backing taking over the top 10 and giving the big middle finger to all the rich VCs who invested millions into projects that could not accomplish what a bunch of anon degens could independently.

@mehowbrainz introduced me to the NoM. Never looked back.


Difficult to name just one aspect. But in times like these i would say that the bitcoin ethos, anon devs and no VC idea is absolutely fantastic. Found about Zenon though good old crypto nut.


the mystery
the intrigue
the people <3


FA: Lore and community, absolute intrigue is what they are, can’t get enough of them.
Found it on good ol’ Reddit…

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+1 I actually discovered someone shilling Zenon on reddit and found their dead sub-red. Made a post and someone redirected me to the community tg where I was welcomed with Apu flaming over something and shazz threatening to give him a time-out. Never looked back since.

It’s the decentralization and tokenomics for me.


I was given the tip off from a friend - was initially not interested in buying but joined the TG anyway and was lured in by the community excitement. Slowly did my research and was sold.

the project just seemed different (in a good way) to everything else out there


I like the underdog vibe. Found it on Reddit. Just started with crypto during that time and didnt understand anything, yet it still intrigued me on a deeper level.


Favorite aspect: the vision.

I don’t really remember how I found Zenon, but I think it was a random fud post on 4chan/biz. I don’t really frequent that site so it was indeed rare timing. I’m pretty sure I’ve visited 4chan less than 20 times in my lifetime and 15 of them were prob me visitting 4chan to shill Zenon under the Awareness Campaign we run a few months back.

At first my thoughts were fairly simple: 'a PIVX fork with some extremely elaborate schizo theory, chart looks dead, prob a good entry into a scam that will most likely pump. Brand is outstanding, don’t see this not pumping. Market buy. God damn I hate these old bitcoin core wallets and .dat files, I bet I end up losing the wallet, let’s exercise proper management and not risk too much. Hm… this +0.9 rewards feel good, let’s see what other people think about Zenon. Immediately after, I ran into Shai’s article and was like damn… maybe this is indeed fairly launched and the branding efforts seem to at least be well funded and thought out. Let’s read the whitepaper. Ok, I have no clue what a unikernel is, let’s google it. Hm… seems to be some next gen minimal OS for IoT devices and such. What is all this about dual layer, dual coin, plasma, how not to fracture a layer 1 article, etc… (falls into rabbit hole). Maybe these devs are onto something. Let’s join their community.

and the rest is history. After I used syrius for the first time, Zenon slowly climbed positions in my crypto portfolio :joy:


A friend invited me to the TG chat

I came for the schizo but stayed for the tech, and the Tg chat was different from all the rest, highly technical discussion which was great for feeling stupid and learning a long the way


I forgot to mention how I found it.
I was searching tags for coins on crypto twitter, combining tags because my logic was if QNT and DAG are mentioned by someone, what else are they talking about? And QNT and DAG brought up a crypto publius tweet calling yourself a gem hunter if you get yourself a bag of zenon
Then more searching of the $ZNN tag led to community made articles and crypto twitter posts, ofc fell down the rabbit hole … it became like a mystery thriller novel and I’ve loved every minute of it