What if I told you... (NoM Game Edition)

Looking at the discussion to build a game for NoM, I might have the perfect fit. Already built, with an almost dead player pool in need of alien gamers. It’s a BSC game, but it’s built in Unity and we could leverage the wallet connect feature. Additionally, it has ridiculously complicated smart contract mechanics (item crafting, item perks, etc, etc) that could be easily ported to the extension chain when it’s available. I literally stopped crafting items because I had to pay BNB fees every time. Bring this to Zenon, and I will gamble all my ZNN away crafting.

Furthermore, the original developer is completely anonymous and has a strong vision (rings a bell?), it’s transitioning to a complete DAO controlled by the early adopters of the game. There are a lot of similarities between the projects, this is a match made in haven, I bet they can use the A-Z funding as well.

Didn’t realize their homepage was so overwhelmingly large now. Let me sum it up for you.
They have 4 games: Raid, Evolution , Infinite (early-access), and Sanctuary (in-development)

The game started as a DeFi farm to bootstrap the initial “runes” distribution (their game tokens). Soon after launch, they added item crafting with the runes. It’s a glorified Diablo-themed pancakeswap.

Their first real game is Rune Evolution, a multiplayer play-to-earn game similar to agair.io in spirit, but much more in-depth. It currently supports items and has a new map coming up, as far as I know. It’s meant to be quite competitive, and the programmers know what they are doing (I am a former pro esports player and was pleasantly surprised to find out Evolution had a setting to show “server-side hitbox”, the actual hitbox that matters in multiplayer games. At the peak of the Axie Infinity craze this game had like 40 concurrent players in various servers/regions. Here’s some gameplay from their weekly streams:

This is a more traditional game, it’s a top-down one-on-one pvp arena, currently in early access. I’ve tried the game, and it has some interesting mechanics around abilities and terrain. It’s a fairly decent game from idea to execution.

Their original vision was to create this universe, owned by the players. This is a full fledge MMO with a massive world, still in the story/lore generation phase. There is some footage of work-in-progress terrain/world, music, and story background, but probably years away from an actual playable game.

Here’s the original medium post from their Mr. Kaine-type figure, Binzy: https://medium.com/runemmo/ready-player-one-df8cc19741e4

The game has a circular economy where the protocol taxes the player’s actions to redistribute the rewards in the games.

Finally, as I gamer myself I tried to support their development by crafting some items/buying their fundraising items. I crafted a few of the early items, and at some point, I reached out to Binzy as he was trying to reduce the supply of some items I had plenty of. He ended up buying the items from me at the peak of the bull for way more than he should, just to burn them and reduce supply, lol. Clearly cares about his game.

I honestly believe NoM could benefit from a game like this, with a long-term vision and a grandiose goal of truly decentralizing player ownership like never before. And at this point in time, Rune could greatly benefit from being the first “actual” dapp deployed in NoM, it’s natively free transactions, and they could even help boostrap our NFT standard efforts for their actual use case.

I have not reached out to them yet, looking for community feedback first.

You can check the game out at https://rune.game

Help these gamers farm some p2e game and craft items feelessly.


I would reach out either way, no guarantees they say yes so we have to scatter gun approach imo

AZ could cover interoperability effort and/or hosting costs for sure

Feeless TXs literally saves and enhances a game like this - it’s the biggest selling point


Is it a game, or gamified defi LP farming?

I was hoping to find something like Diablo but only found something looking more like defi farming pools. I didn’t download the app. Is that the game?

Genuinely asking for more understanding.

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what do you do with this game?

Wow it’s easy to see how a feeless blockchain would add a ton of value. Even if the cost on bnb is a few cents for these TXs, they add up if you are doing a lot of them. Think about kids too who have no $$.

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Can we PvP ? Because crafting nfts over nfts might endup botted and that’s it.

Added more info to the main post, as I just realized how confusing this can be.

Isn’t it too hardcore gamer like ?

What would you guys think about leveraging the .bitmap Metaverse project onto the NoM into, for exemple, a Minecraft clone?

Another useful link https://twitter.com/satsnames/status/1671186013006315521?t=niCA0HarVOtLhWz62r4f8A&s=19

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Bump. Is this idea dead? Looks like a great idea hewwo posted this: Let’s build a game on NoM

“No it’s dumb”

Meanwhile https://twitter.com/Lucky_2147/status/1682464773928103936

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Waiting for EVM it seems