What if I told you... (NoM AI Edition)

Opening this thread to complement the “What if I told you… (NoM Game Edition)” thread to allow for canvassing of AI-powered use cases on NoM. Intersection of AI x Crypto right now is exploding (ex. Airstack, cutting-edge algo trading, decentralized LLMs, decentralized compute, etc.)

There’s probably not enough interest to turn the AI lens on our own NoM chain data (thought would be a goodd project on its own merit) to attract a wider market but perhaps there are other applications that could tie-in AI x NoM.

Let this be a canvas.

Some ideas:

-AI chain query for BTC and NoM only (start to show the correlation between the two through the UX/UI)
-AI bot with [insert interesting use case here] that leverages NoM on the back-end
-Nouns DAO fork with AI-generated art (alien-themed?) built on NoM using Syrius extension wallet for purchasing
-A true-to-form “DAO” on loop (example here)

What else?

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How a blockchain is going to solve something for A.I and ) or A.I solve something blockchain related, exactly?

Edit: I like the noun idea but it’s, a bit, meme category

That’s the billion dollar question, but there’s an explosion of efforts already. The best I’ve seen is Airstack (https://www.airstack.xyz/) to be able to easily query data (essentially replacing SQL devs) but that’s only as helpful as the volume of on-chain data which is pretty minimal on NoM.

That’s why I think the best idea would be some novel use of AI that just happens to leverage NoM on back-end (payouts for example), even if only meme-worthy to attract short-term attention.

Could maybe even combine Game and AI with NoM. Ex. Try to beat AI in [insert common game here] with X amount of ZNN as the stakes. (Chess, Go, Backgammon, Checkers, Catan, Battleship, the list goes on, etc.)

I’ve been working with A.I for 10 years now and I see 0 reason to have data onchain. 0. Beside, your dataset is often 10 times bigger than the actual BTC whole chain, minimum. There could be something more interesting to brainstorm.

Trustless okay, why? Datasets are either private (Open.AI) or peer reviewed anyway. The private ones, you won’t be able to reproduce anything near their utility onchain due to their immense size.

What a chain could be used for is distributed computing with useful PoW but latency will be a huge issue.

The pseudo randomness of hashes could produce interesting seeds though.

For the game + A.I yes but every game had A.I and you don’t need it onchain’

I’m currently going over the documentation of langchain and playing around with it. I’ve been
thinking of building the following:

  • Chat with NoM (Chatgpt + vectorstore db with github codebases, devs posts, whitepaper, etc)
  • Chat with the community. A bot trained on public telegram messages that learns the personalities of usernames (not sure if this violates some privacy laws)
  • Chat with Kaine, chatgpt with the context of all messages from Kaine trained to speak like him.

This is genius, a truly self-evolving superorganism. We could merge this idea with a zenonized spin on the nouns fork and get something quite unique.

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Ya, and even removing the VRF lottery function and using the fork in its truest form would allow for participation to take place by the community (and actually easier lift since it’s a fork.)

Could take AI generated renderings from the 80K UFO sightings in the last century and mint a new one each day: UFO Sightings | Kaggle

Alienz DAO

Problem is we don’t have the NFT standard yet for minting. It would have to be on some other chain but buying could be done with Syrius extension

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The extension chain aliencoder is working on is EVM compatible, it will allow for an easy fork of Nouns DAO while using ZNN as the gas currency. Additionally, design might incentivize contracts with a royalty of gas used.


So the idea with A.I + blocchain is a generative NFTs project?