What I mean with decentralized performance marketing

Hey everyone,

There’s been a few marketing proposals which I’ve criticized for lacking tracking systems. But don’t get me wrong, we’re working on Zenon.Org + an integration with Attribute.me (both which I architected from the ground up while contributing to THORChain in the past) so that content creators can prove the value they drive to the network.

Here’s a preview of how it worked for THORChain:

At THORChain I wanted to prove that ad spend can result in more liquidity providers entering pools, and hence having a positive effect on the RUNE token value due to its deterministic design (the more liquidity in the network, the more buying pressure on the RUNE token). For that, I needed to architect a system that would track a user session from THORChain.Org landing pages, down to the moment they used a DEX like SKIP.exchange to onboard new liquidity.

Attribute.me uses Google Analytics (GA) events that are deeply integrated into THORChain.Org and SKIP.exchange. But GA data is accessible to users with privileges, therefore we leveraged GA API’s to pull relevant performance data onto Attribute so that all participants can value their performance permissionlessly.

This system creates new value for content creators, advertisers, marketers because it gives them trackable links to various landing pages. They just need to integrate the link in their content or campaign, and then measure the conversions via attribute.me public dashboards.

What can be tracked? Everything. A click on a telegram icon, a link to a 3rd party website, a conversion on SKIP.exchange (or other interfaces who wished to integrate attribute events in their DEX).

The content creators / advertisers / marketers do part of the work: they develop the traffic generation (content, ads, tweets, telegram messages etc), and use the attribute.me campaign links to track what users converted-to once they landed.

The method relies on the following:

  1. Are the landing pages / funnels converting if relevant traffic is driven? Can we design better funnels as a marketing community using Zenon.Org’s framework?

  2. Do the integrated DEXes have an easy UI / onboarding flow?

Using GA was really the first MVP to prove that we can decentralize performance marketing. We can user other cookie less systems which use post backs, and lead to an attribute 2.0 – however for the moment a ton can be done using GA and these methods. It’s already way ahead of most marketing systems in the cryptosphere.

I don’t down vote content creator proposals for no reason. I do it so that we save the funds and instead distribute them to content creators who actually prove they perform. Zenon.Org + Attribute will give them these abilities.


Another example of how it can be used for the Zenon Network:

Zenon.Org will have a dedicated page for each network need i.e. “Smart Contract Runtime Implementation (WASM)” landing page.

You’ll go to attribute.me, find that landing page in the list, generate yourself a campaign link, and post that link in various job boards (or develop other ways to hyper target those types of developers, and communicate with them).

Every time a developer will click on that link and visit the page, you’ll receive an attribution and the data will be public on the dashboard for everyone to see.

Next, if that landing page actually pushes users down a funnel i.e. make yourself a forum account, join the zenon build telegram community, submit your AZ proposal (and we manage to add tracking events with firebase to syrius wallet) – you’d be able to get attribution rights for the submitted AZ proposal.

You’d be able to prove that your campaign, whichever the distribution vehicle, drove that conversion.

The possibilities are limitless.

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I like how friendly, well spoken, and knowledgeable the presenter in that video is. Decentralized performance marketing: I love it.

The speaker is generated by AI btw.


This is an essential tool. Organizations fund their marketers and content creators at the same rate, which clearly is not fair, some will drive more traffic than others and with a good monitoring setup, this can be measured properly.
It will also allow for a new types of marketing bounties like x wZNN for every 1000 organic Syrius downloads.


I introduce you all to @aminazgol, he developed attribute.me while I architected the specs i.e. features, ux, ui and general purpose of the tool.