Welcome to the multiverse: bridging the Zenon ecosystem

Even if that would happen, every time someone swaps ETH/WETH to wZNN, the total wZNN in the pool will decrease and others will be able to join.

Okay I’ll provide 100k ZNN thanks


I’ve submitted a PR with pprof, versioning and the cicd pipeline and it was merged in the orchestrator repo:

@sumamu thank you for merging my PR

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One more question about the first point, just being able to buy for the first month. Wouldn’t that trigger all kind of tokensniffers labeling it as a possible scam?

That shouldn’t be the case, since only 1 pool is restricted. Anyone could create a 2nd pool and use that to do whatever.

The bridge upgrade has been activated last week, so it’s going live soon. For that to happen, we’ve got some work to do as a community.

@0x3639 has a headstart with the audit, so we’re going have to pick up the pace and pick the initial guardians of the network.

What is the role of the guardians?

In case the admin is compromised, before any administrative actions can be taken, the admin has the possibility to remove itself as admin. If this happens, the bridge goes into emergency mode, where all activity is halted and restricted. At this point, the guardians are responsible to coordinate and set a new, uncompromised address for the admin.

Are the guardians permanent?

No, this is just the initial batch so the bridge can go live. The guardians can be changed by the admin at a later time if the timechallenge passes. In fact, the guardians should probably prove they still control their addresses and are still active in the community from time to time. If they don’t the stale guardians should be changed with other members of the community.

What must a guardian provide in order to become a guardian?

A valid NoM address, the associated ed25519 public key and a signed message to prove they actually own that address.

How should they be chosen?

After debating the issue of choosing the guardians a bit internally, we came up with the following aspects to take in consideration:

  • technical skills
  • ecosystem involvement
  • availability
  • decentralization/distribution

How do they vote?

The znn cli will be updated to provide a way for the guardians to cast votes. A new admin becomes active once it has 50%+1 votes.

In conclusion, we’re proposing 10 devs + 5 pillars as the initial guardians. Remember, they are not permanent:
:white_check_mark: mr kaine z1qpxswrfnlll355wrx868xh58j7e2gu2n2u5czv 0xb13857a4F3bc3b8AB205e06FD8b874692451ADc0
:white_check_mark: @Sigli z1qr7urykpjth3w9lcl66atgvu5fc0ywawzha220 0x671A0F784F4AfaCEC1701eA4B6Cc3FBB68a7ADE9
:white_check_mark: sumamu z1qphnq6jfaf82kmpyuuc88983ar66dmh7e59f67 0x7AA4fa384B0499111DcDa4638718d744cDD1195D
:white_check_mark: sumoshi z1qrgh8w9q3xj5a2t2atnt3reqhh0akm4qae8ezk 0x2F3410C62e1C2E4CEa3fB5Db1FAC196bfcAD54D7
:white_check_mark: nomkamoto z1qqeyp02thdets4k245fnnjpk764ls65gwsy0cg 0xbD0189C4a9a64B8ee82928D002a86bd5eb2A5Ef6
:white_check_mark: @georgezgeorgez z1qrawthjzd95hcz73r3e5wd0xxzjmrt4vfqla0z 0x456c5FCEA60dd5F4c1dcB485FA307A946E356456
:white_check_mark: @aliencoder z1qzup2zm6c9g68t085zjn5ycvdnr0u4pt0k4c80 0xE34FB7aadc91f0d95757125F9FB546712846feeB
:white_check_mark: @CryptoFish z1qzjnnpmnqp6uqz2m9uet8l5e42ewwaty2mqcpy 0xf2aA170dDe5319F03785C29f94f39510EE6345AA
:white_check_mark: @dexter703 z1qr6k9c0z73c2zx22grhcw702slyz0gelt2uwvd 0xc91edA9Ba70EB09f5cc450A4dFA57D43fB590C3F
:white_check_mark: @MoonBaZe z1qprccs7kjvx9q78m5v5ghwwfvxr6py8rtwcfrd 0xc752B223c87327A8A6e2CBE9D3A3E334F1a96fD3
:white_check_mark: vilkris z1qqcz0rmkz7f5442hjjr0thh2v6txu4875eyrkd 0x30800A10128820D518997EC22201Df0f5b873712
:white_check_mark: @mehowbrainz z1qzymmtmfr3gxz3fr80cq94rgaefzkvst4e90lz 0x061ACFb9F0151c3DB502d1320B70E1A894d25010
:white_check_mark: 0x3639 z1qrztagl9rukq3ltdflnvg4zrvpfp84mydfejk9 0x559d33edB4bDE79A70bE70db77Bf27E7B86C5479
:white_check_mark: @shaimo z1qppk2p26xwwzu5w4zyzwknrx28whvjgy9ukc6h 0x76B9b17cce584de58668b574474939C9e6FbAdb3


:white_check_mark: user agreed to participate and address, public key, signature are available
:ballot_box_with_check: address, public key, signature are available (onchain or offchain), waiting for user to agree
:black_large_square: waiting for user to submit address, public key, signature and agree to be a guardian


I’m happy to participate. I’m ready to sign a message any time.

I recommend you include @vilkris. He is a dev and Pillar operator. Also wanted to point out @ZenonORG and @shaimo have a very large footprint in the community. I think they should be here too.


Happy to participate :+1:


I suggest removing QSR, ElderZ, and ZenDao since they are not that active in the community.
My suggestion : Zed, Anvil, ZenonORG, one of shai’s pillar.

Also since you are a team, wouldn’t it be better to only have one of you as a guardian instead of all the three? That’s like 20% of voting power… Or maybe add more guardians ( preferably pillars)


You’re onto something here. The best guardians would be pillars and the most appropriate pillars are the ones who demonstrate they have the skills to set up the orchestrator and become TSS participants.

We can only figure out which are those pillars after the TSS key generation event is complete. So for now, we’ll have to go with a list of 15-20 guardians because they’re required to get to the TSS key generation phase and after that’s done, the guardians will be updated to the owner addresses of the pillars that participated in the bridge.


another vote of confidence for considering sigli/zed, vilkris, shai and ZenonORG.

All have shown continued support and acted in the best interests for the NoM

+1 for the suggestions

  • Zed- Sigli’s been around from the start and as community prophet has onboarded/assisted most of us at some point or the other.
  • Anvil- Vilkris is both dev and pillar & has constantly proved his mettle by delivering projects/services before requesting any compensation from AZ.
  • ZenonORG- I don’t think anyone can really question their commitment to NoM.
  • Shai- wrote the article that initially got me hooked, has multiple pillars, and is probably the most trusted community member operating the soon-to-be-defunct Shaiswap.

DeeZNNutz & SultanofStaking are both top-tier candidates but I agree with Layiid that the other three (QSR, ZenDAO & ElderZ) need to play a more active role all-in-all before we can trust them to play the role of Guardian in the event shit goes down.

@Sigli @georgezgeorgez @aliencoder @CryptoFish @sol @dexter703 @MoonBaZe @vilkris @mehowbrainz @shaimo

Can everyone on the guardians list confirm they’re ok with being nominated as a guardian and if so, please check your address is correct or provide an alternative address.

Please keep in mind that all guardians must also provide EVM addresses by Monday (May 1st 2023) to be used as guardians for the solidity contract which is currently being audited by ChainSafe.

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Also for dexter he’s not really active, last seen here was in 2022, same on tg. We need active devs and pillars for this critical role.

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@dexter703 developed the entire bridge web app so that kind of qualifies as active. Just because a dev isn’t constantly communicating on the social channels, doesn’t mean they’re not actively building.


Awesome! Is the address correct and will you also be able to provide an EVM address by Monday?

I also confirm my participation. Thank you for the nomination!


Acta, non verba.

As a mere alien, I feel well-represented by this proposed guardian set.

Hopefully, in no time everyone on this list is not only a guardian but a pillar operator.


I can confirm my participation. The Zenon address is correct and below is my EVM address.


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This address is correct.

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