Welcome New Users

Welcome to all our new users, feel free to post wherever you want or add new topics as needed. We need help filling out the Questions/Help category and general ZNN info under ZNN.

The forum is split into several categories:

  • Off-Topic
    • Twitter Archive
  • ZNN
    • Announcements
  • Site Feedback
  • Marketing
  • Questions/Help
  • Developers
  • Accelerator-Z

The marketing and developer groups have additional permissions - if you would like to contribute to these groups please let a mod know or post here.

If you were part of the legacy testnet please post and let us know so you can be given your legacy badges.

If you are a pillar owner please let us know also so we can allocate Pillar badges to your account for visibility.

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Feel free to copy/paste from the original wiki 1.0 Which is here:

Georgez is busy with a higher level version for wiki 2.0, geared more towards Dev minds, and Iā€™m leaving him to it.

[Learn (v1) - ZENON Network]

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