We need an awareness team!

I miss the old days when we did awareness intiative, a couple of people working for the same cause, for Zenon Network.

This is a community Project and we should gather more people who are willing to do more for Zenon. Why? Our community it’s not strong enough and team would like to see us working more for Zenon

  • For the voting problem I propose to create an article where we explain from an objective point of view how delegators contribute to this project, how choosing to which pillar can affect this project. Human mind like to know that they are being part of something, that they contribute positively to a cause. IMO this approach can induce a good feeling between delegators, final product being: pillars more active, more educated community members.
    For now this what we can do, later someone can find a better solution and propose it to AZ.

  • We need an article dedicated for the future developers, where we explain why it’s good to build on Zenon, why it’s good to be part of this project, making them feel proud that they will be the first devs to build on Zenon (We need this kind of marketing, like we sell a product, IMO is very catchy and efficient.)

  • We should look for places with jobless devs seeking for a new job and try to recruite them. The article will help here! I don’t try to explain the reason why we need to attract more devs, everyone know it.

If we can’t gather voluntaree we can ask for donation and pay our team for this type of gigs.

I want to hear from you other ideas of how we can lead this project to a better place! Peace!


Go ahead and write the articles then.

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Yes for sure there is a need for this. Some dedicated info to share with potential devs would be very helpful.

There was already talk of this a while back in the Awareness tg chat but gathering up the existing infographics from the team and maybe commisioning a few more to highlight the tech/developments.

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