Update THORNode ETH Token List to Propose wZNN.ETH Cross-Chain Swaps

Is anyone interested in submitting a PR to the THORNode ETH Token List so that the wZNN.ETH pair can appear for all THORChain interfaces? TrustWallet, THORSwap, XDEFI, THORWallet, ASGARDEX, Shapeshift, Rango, Unizen, DefiSpot etc? We’d be able to promote cross-chain swaps into wZNN.ETH (via dex the aggregation/routing feature).

Interfaces which list the token:

:white_check_mark: Uniswap (no cross-chain)
:white_check_mark: 1inch (no cross-chain)

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Yes, though maybe after we’ve settled our bridge/liquidity situation.
Sometime next month?

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Update re: convo with THORSwap people:

I shared this with @sumamu to get some feedback: https://twitter.com/ol3gpetrov/status/1669022934545965070?s=20


I replied to that comment. What can I do next to move this forward?

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Let me see if I can get someone to intro you to him in Discord.