unreceveid token

hello, I made on May 22 3 transactions sending the STEX platform to ZENON in quasar and my transactions are visible on zenon hub in “UNRECEVEID” with confirmations that advance but no visible tokens, should we wait again or is it necessary to do some things to receive its tokens on zenon. Do you need a number of Quasar to send because I did 3 tests to see if the tokens arrived safely…

Hey man. so you sent QSR from STEX to your SYRIUS wallet? and you can see using zenon.tools accounts that the tokens have arrived and are visible in “unreceived”?

Is your SYRIUS wallet the latest version? Is the embedded node fully synced and green?
It could be that the transaction is received but your node is not up to date, meaning you can’t see it.

Transactions on the NoM need a send and a receive tx to be validated. The sent tx is done by the sender, the receive tx done by the receiver VS some pow or QSR. If you didn’t receive from Stex, make sure your Syrius is up to date and fully synced then let it run for a few minutes to perform the necessary pow.

Would anyone consider working on a video series that can help new users see how the wallet/ecosystem works?

AZ would probably fund it.

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I can do that.

  1. Syrius tutorial witth high level introduction of the NoM
  2. Presentation of the main ressources, Zenonhub, Zenontool, forumls, etc.
  3. Any ideas ?

I can integrate a tutorial overlay into Syrius.


Maybe a tutorial for transferring funds to/from Stex.

I like your suggestions. Should be a good start.

The goal is to guide new users through the onboarding process, including how to download Syrius, how to “update” it, how different nodes work, etc.

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This could be good too.

I’m suggesting videos because we have content outside of Syrius that we probably want to address.

We can even integrate a simple ChatGPT powered bot to answer questions directly into the wallet. We can feed it with your tutorials @ChadassCapital


We can integrate video tutorials into the wallet, too.