Typescript SDK

Hey fellow alienz, long time no hear. We’ve participated some time ago in Warpdrive to start building a Typescript SDK.

For those who don’t know, Typescript is the programming language for application-scale JavaScript. Basically, Typescript simplifies JavaScript code, making it easier to read and debug. The SDK will streamline the overall front-end development for any sort of products futurely developed within NoM.

3 months of development later, me and my amazing dev team managed to get this Typescript SDK done. I have to admit that it wasn’t easy because it required a quite profound understanding of both Typescript, Go and also some cryptography knowledge, but it was a great learning journey.

I’ve just created a dedicated Github: GitHub - dexter703/znn-ts-sdk: Zenon TypeScript SDK
I’ll publish soon the open-sourced repos and we’re also prepping a Hyperspace submission.

Thanks in advance!


Thank you sir!! Look forward to the new submission.

@alien-valley.io wanted to make sure you saw this one.

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Hi @dexter703

I wasn’t aware that another JS SDK was being developed.
I’ve created a Telegram group specific for JS development, if you’d like to join in on the discussion. I’m working closely with PDfust to develop an extension-wallet similar to metamask.

Also, feel free to build on top of the work I’ve done so far. The repo can be found here @ znn.js

That’s great news!
Could you announce the status in the warpdrive channel on discord as well, please?
We’ve been using that for progress updates and to organize payouts.

Fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work.

Why submitting another A Z proposal if you were part of wrapdrive? Also we got a Rust sdk for 1430 ZNN and 100 QSR just to let you know.


Yes I was also expecting a proposal that builds on this sdk

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Did this project receive compensation for the SDK under warpdrive?

Also, @dexter703 can you please give us a sense of the number of hours spent on the project?


need more details when asking for this much


I’m not sure. We have a channel for coordination of that on discord; they did not use that yet. @Sigli did they receive wd funding already?

No they have not yet claimed their QSR (only 125 QSR in total was allocated to them by the judges).

Below is the list of what has been distributed so far.

Zenon.tools - 30% - 4374.90 QSR

Cano Wallet - 30% - 5187.60 QSR

SOS Guides - 100% - 83 QSR

Zenon Wiki - 100% - 4083 QSR

AV JS SDK - 30% - 875.10 QSR

Alphanet Explorer - 60% - 6750 QSR

Chadass Nodes - 30% - 1937.40 QSR

ZNN Media Presskit - 100% - 1083 QSR

And here you can see the complete list of winners with the corresponding amounts :


Thank you.

125 qsr isn’t really worth mentioning, that’s true

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I agree, a break-up of the amount of hours it would take to build this SDK would be really helpful. I believe the community agreed on a 100$ per hour for the Rust SDK, so once @dexter703 list’s his phases out we can better assess how much zennies and qsr this SDK deserve?

@devs would it be fair to have a standard cost for developing an SDK (such as the 1430 zennies for the Rust SDK)? Or does the development of each SDK have to be assessed individually due to difficulty? (non-developer here :P)

The amount of hours is a vague metric as this heavily depends on the qualification of the submitter.
I like the current rust sdk proposal not only because it is well justified and articulated, but also because he puts a fair price on his own labor: he knows rust and he knows cryptography. So that reduces the hours he needs to get it done but it justifies a price tag of $1k/10h.


And for reference, here’s the proposal template by @romeo

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m holding my vote until we get some feedback from @dexter703 on open questions.


I’m still holding my vote until we get some of these outstanding questions answered. I posted an issue on Github asking for some interaction with us.

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For now I voted no due to the applicants unwillingness to answer questions about the proposal. If they start to engage on Github or the forum I’d be happy to reconsider my vote.


Same here. People submitting proposals need to realize the majority of projects launched in early days were by people w/ a good idea and little to no community involvement (starl, apsis online, etc etc). Their ideas approved then they never check back in. We need engagement not just from pillars / community but from those submitting proposals. I will always factor that into my decisions.