Treasure Hunt Revival

How many of us spent numerous hours trying to crack the puzzle? ZNNAliens still talk about it to this day.

Let’s revive this initiative and crowd-source the reward.
It’s easy to market and will definitely attract peoples’ attention.

At the time, the reward was 4,745 QSR. We should be able to meet/exceed this sum.
The question is: how do we manage the funds?

Option 1

  • Deposit the funds into the Treasure Hunt address.
    • Pros: simple, trustless, direct funding for the winner
    • Cons: incentivizes bruteforcing, no refunds

Option 2

  • Entrust a member of the community with custody
    • Pros: flexible refunds, simple solution
    • Cons: subject to rugging

Option 3

  • Coordinate with AZ in order to pay out the reward when the objective is met
    • Pros: trustless custody and payment
    • Cons: inflexible refunds, prize/donation ledger will probably be maintained off-chain (subject to data loss)
Preferred Option
  • 1 - fund treasure hunt address
  • 2 - trusted custodian
  • 3 - AZ custody
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In terms of acceptance/win criteria, I strongly suggest that the winner must both:

  • unlock the treasure wallet
  • publish the solution

If anyone is wondering how AZ can be leveraged here:

  • The protocol for refunds must be established beforehand
  • A ledger of donations will be maintained in a public space by a small number of trusted people
    • For example, a thread on this forum
  • Aliens donate ZNN/QSR directly to the AZ Treasury and create a reply to the thread with the transaction hash
  • After the hash is validated as a donation to AZ, that amount is added to the Treasure Hunt’s prize (on paper)

When someone solves the puzzle, they submit an AZ proposal for the amount pledged to the initiative.

That’s all I have. Feel free to suggest other options.


No brainer YES let’s do it. AZ option. What refunds? This is non-refundable unless someone figures it out and what you get back is a solution.

This one is killing me. I’ll become a marketing god until I find the baddest CTF bounty hunter in the interwebz.

I’m good for 500 QSR. That’s what my curiosity is worth.

The fact that is BTC/taproot related also helps our current efforts.


I’m happy to contribute 500 qsr. Maybe we can convince @shaimo to contribute some too.


Appreciate the quick pledges, zirs. We’ll setup a separate thread to track those.

Are you both in agreement with Option 3 + no refunds?

sure, so we send to the AZ contract and request payout w/ an AZ?

Wizards of Z is in for 500 QSR and I will build the quest into the second ordinals project on my roadmap, after Zenon Core.

It’s a perfect fit for the project theme and narrative and will bolster appeal and intrigue within the BTC ordinals community.


Sure, count me in


Count me in for 500 qsr


Ill contribute 500 QSR as well


Will contribute 500 quasies too!


Wen send 500 QSR?


Thank you everyone. Please vote on your preferred funding method in the original post.

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find address… degen style.

I’m certain this will not yield the intended result. Oh well.

which option do you recommend?

What you are all voting for?

There’s no way we are sending the QSR to the treasure hunt address. It can be bruteforced and funds can be extracted.

Our goal is to solve the Treasure hunt. User needs to crack it, explain in depth how he cracked it and submit an AZ proposal for a payout.

Funds go to AZ.

Use alien brainz, kthx :slight_smile:


Ok im on board for making use of AZ and sending some qsr but can someone confirm how the donations get there? Does it need an intermediary to call that function?

Anyone can donate to AZ with Syrius

We actually want to know the solution! lol

I would like to see the solution explained and then have the QSR released by AZ.

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