Trade on Stex Button on Home Page

Once we test trading on Stex for a while, how does everyone feel about adding a button on the official page redirecting people to Stex in order to trade native ZNN / QSR?

  • Yes makes sense
  • No dumb idea

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I thought we are focused on DEX’s and trustless technologies?

I’d be hesitant to endorse any particular CEX, if we did they’d have to be top notch. Why? Some CEXs hold users funds hostage for a year, at worst stealing their rewards, at best denying them from earning any rewards, and definitely causing psychological harm either way. I’d feel sick seeing them linked on the home page, knowing they victimised ZNNAliens and are not getting away with it, but that’s just me.

It’s all about self custody. Founding devs announced weeks before the official Alphanet launch to get your coins off exchanges, due to expected uncertainties that might occur during the swap phase. I pretty much like the idea; i for myself do not like to trade on dex’s. Offering both CEX and DEX increases the holder base potentially far more than only DEX’s.

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I wasn’t personally effected, but I know ppl who were. “Devs warned them” doesn’t mean they deserved that, and hurting people isn’t okay just because they played within the rules.

If we’re that desperate we will endorse any exchange no matter what they’ve done then sure, beggars can’t be choosers, but that’s just depressing.

Who the hell is ‘we’ ? List it everywhere so it’s liquid. And advertise the listing. What the protocol does has nothing to do with how to buy in you simps.

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They at max hurt themselves. I partly understand your argument but finance whether is a playground nor is it fair. Self custody is the only way and if one didnt bother to get their coins off the exchanges, its their own fault.

“we” is you and me babe

Finance is a tough game, agreed they need to take responsibility for this as well.


Looks like 94% of respondents are in favor of adding a Stex button to the home page. I will prepare a PR.

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DRAFT Stex trading added to site. Please review and comment. NOTE: I will update the “Learn More” link if everyone is OK with this draft.

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Will you be linking to a new medium article, the announcement(s) on Twitter, or to this blog post?

I was thinking a new article we write. Open to suggestions.

A short Medium post with relevant information should be adequate.

I’m worried that the PR won’t be accepted, though. I wonder if Mr Kaine is open to community suggestions.

He did accept the PR to insert the posthog code into the website. So I think if we push him hard enough he will merge.