#thealiensknow you gotta start somewhere | Let's Learn Golang

My goal is to study the Go language so I can read the code of Zenon Network. I hope others will join me in this journey.

Option 1) If you have “some” experience with computers and/or programming this course is good. It’s what I’m taking. From what i can see, the only “experience” you need is to understand what a variable is and what an object is. Google that and you probably meet the requirements.

Option 2) Learn How To Code: Google’s Go (golang) Programming Language Other community members recommend this course.

It would be fun if we can come together and code some of these reference projects as we learn. I’ll be posting my progress. Hope you follow along and others join in. You just gotta start.


LFG Mad skillz. Wen .intern job fair at Zenon Network?

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Missed opportunity to go for “Hello, alien world!” smh

I’ll join you, done with flutter and dart for a while. Read 3 books and did 2 courses, messed around with some apps. Still working on understanding some state management practices with Bloc (which syrius uses).

Learning go should def strengthen my programming foundations. If I’m not mistaken Go can directly mess around with memory allocation like C, so at least looking forward to what that looks like/what the usefulness of that flexibility means for a programmer.


ya, it’s like C in that regard. But Go has garbage collection so you don’t need to deallocate things from memory. Apparently that can be difficult to manage in C. I’m learning about this now.

I strongly suggest Exercism learn by example approach. It’s the best platform to learn Go IMO.


Yeah, I tried the first exercise for Dart in Exercism and I can see how their approach is the best for learning as it forces you to actually use a real IDE, command line tools, and even run tests. I don’t do any of that when reading books or going through video courses :joy:

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I’m still messing with GOROOT and GOPATH to get auto complete to work in VS code. Would you be willing to share your $PATH you are using?