The #Aliensknow Acadamy AZ Proposal

I voted no on the #Aliensknow Acadamy AZ Proposal because it included spending money on advertising on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. I do not think these outlets will generate any new participants in the network that will NOT add value. Moreover, the proposal did not include any way to track the effectiveness of their campaign. We had an extended conversation in the thread below. After the discussion the applicant, @crypto_culture, decided to leave the community for greener pastures.

In full disclosure I want everyone to know that I will vote NO on funding any payments requested under this application. I support art, culture, marketing, media and everything in between. I appreciate the work @Dr.GreenThumb and @crypto_culture put into their proposal and the time they have spent creating art for the project. However, I do not support their AZ proposal for the reasons above and will vote no on funding requests.

I encourage @crypto_culture to rework the application and propose something that addresses some of the concerns raised in the thread above.

How does the community feel about the proposal?

  • Yes I support it?
  • No I do NOT support it.

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To Pillars: Usually when there’s concerns / unanswered questions in a proposal, you don’t vote yes. You let the requester propose something new until addressed concerns are cleared.

Maybe giving some voting power to delegators wouldn’t be a bad idea cc @romeo.


It’s starting to become an issue I agree - I still believe when engagement is higher in the network these issues will iron themselves out (higher competition between pillars, less focus on delegation rewards as it evens out etc.).

I’ve been trying for weeks to get more Pillar owners verified on the forum so that they can see these discussions and give their two cents worth like @0x3639 has been


What conversion tracking tools are the best to be used by LearnZenon handles at the moment?

We currently post content on Twitter, Telegram Announcement and on Medium. But we have “reach” statistics and not the conversion ones.

cc @0x3639 @Shazz @mehowbrainz

It would require events to be setup on the Zenon.Network website to know how traffic referred is acting on the landing page.

Usually you use UTM parameters in the links you embed in your content to associate the user session to yourself, and then with events setup on the landing page, you filter data to see which event was triggered by which session. + Zenon.Org will give you these tools. You won’t need to setup any UTM links, but rather pick a landing page you wanna send traffic-to and press generate link. The data will be accessible easily on the public dashboard.

In the meantime, if you want to see how much traffic you drive to Zenon.Network, you can use this link:

Or this shortened version I generated for you: Zenon — Network of Momentum (right click + copy link)

Both lead to

Then you can request to @John-Z access to PostHog analytics, once you get access I’ll setup a filter for you so that you can see the stats.

I’ll help you get all setup once we roll out + attribute. Even though I know you have the experience already :wink: