Test BTC Atomic Swap Development Progress with Results

Step by step instruction to test BICH DAO BTC Atomic Swap progress. Original instructions found here: BTC Atomic Swaps via HTLC: Cope Edition · Discussion #1 · Big-Inches-Club-House/bich · GitHub

sudo apt-get install git
sudo apt-get install curl
sudo snap install go --classic
cd ~
git clone -b devnet https://github.com/Big-Inches-Club-House/go-zenon.git
cd go-zenon
make znnd
./build/znnd --data ./devnet generate-devnet --genesis-block=z1qqjnwjjpnue8xmmpanz6csze6tcmtzzdtfsww7,40000,400000
./build/znnd --data ./devnet

leave this running in the existing terminal. Then open a web browser and go to https://explorer.zenon.network
Connect to

search for the address

Results below.

Next, open a new terminal

git clone https://github.com/Big-Inches-Club-House/htlc-demo.git
cd htlc-demo
go build fusion-demo.go

Results below. These three new entries show 5,000 QSR being fused.

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