Telegram-Plasma-Bot Community Funding

Project Name: Telegram Plasma Bot Community Funding

URL: GitHub code & Telegram bot

Description: This projects seeks QSR funding from the AZ for the telegram plasma bot. We split it into 2 projects in order to streamline & keep simple the AZ process. All the funds will be controlled in good faith by the Alien Valley pillar and can be returned to the AZ treasury if requested. At the moment the Alien Valley team provides 20K QSR & with the improvements to the Bot, everyone could participate easier.

Team: The Alien Valley team has been running & funding the Plasma Bot for some time. We think that the fact that we are a proud builder pillar should encourage others to trust us with this endeavour.


Phase 1
Funding for the Plasma Bot:
The funds will be put to good use since day 1 since they do not require any modifications to the actual implementation of the plasma bot in order to work. Any future improvements will increase capital efficiency and allow further funding from willing community members.

Note: it’s not possible to not request ZNN from the syrius UI.

Reward: 50.000 QSR & 10 ZNN


Total Requested Funding = 50.000 QSR & 10 ZNN
Project Duration = instantaneous

Q & A

I honestly think we should encourage people to stake ZNN in order to get QSR.

I totally agree with that. At the moment I don’t really value plasma that much honestly, since the only interactions you do are beneficial to the ecosystem, namely delegation & staking. Making this actions accessible to anyone would in the best interest of the network

Do you plan to reevaluate your QSR levels periodically and ask for more or reduce stores based on demand?

Personally, I think a great turning point would be when you will be able to use plasma to run smart contracts / do custom work. Up to that point, I think that the demand for QSR would be a ‘nice to have’ but not a must. At this moment, we might as well give it to the people to have a better experience. When this will change, it’ll be re-evaluated.

Single Point of failure

We are willing to split the amount w/ any willing & trusting participant when the system will allow for multiple bots (requires improvements, can’t be done at the moment)


Thank you for your great project to make QSR more useful.
Keep up your innovation.
Great !!!