Taproot wizzards and ordinals operations on ZNN. Ideas

Food for thoughts : the ordinal community started something super cool with taproot wizzards. I see an opportunity here. Integrard ord into Zyrius with an easy UX or even in CLI to be frens with them. Easy open door into the BTC world and easy attention imo. I can’t build that but it’s “just” an integration problem no ? I’m not a coder, so only throwing ideas. Discuss.

Pros : visibility, cool tools, Bitcoin ethos (depending on how you read it)
Cons : It has nothing to do with the ongoing NFTs researches on ZNN and might be counter productive.

Ressources :
Taproot wizzards Discord Taproot Wizards
Ord website : https://ordinals.com/
Docs : Inscriptions - Ordinal Theory Handbook
Taproot wizzards website : https://taprootwizards.com/ (seems offline now)

Another con: maxis might perceive it as a shitcoin project trying to shit up bitcoin block space. More elegeant would be to showcase a solution how to launch nfts on zenon while using bitcoin’s pow and thus preventing the need to have space wasting nfts on bitcoin’s main layer


These maxis must be going insane

ANTI Maxi NFT Collection

On this I would answer that fully onchain NFT aka data are fitting some maxxies ethos. You pay for it, at the end of the day, despite it not being a financial data. The addition data not having to go through computational operation also make it lighter than the same amount of data if it were to be financial. Maxxies fight a lot about this. The fully onchain NFTs are seducing to me, it’s “pure” digital object. Pure onchain.This is what I loved with Nouns. That’s a personal opinion but I’m not the only one.

What makes it pure? That it’s secured by Bitcoin’s PoW?

No. Pure as a pure blockchain object and not a IFPS link. It’s very seducing to some. Again Look at nouns and alike. I claim the importance of this ontological part is clearly visible in the BTC community discussions : what should and what shouldn’t be a blockchain. A bunch of txs, or more ? It’s a new paradigm for BTC imo.

I watched the NFT mint party. This is pretty funny and seems easy to do. I’d be willing to mint a small one to see how it works. The cost to mint is a function of the size. Does anyone have a mint idea?

The taproot block zenon ascii art


Check this out. TBH, this is really funny that someone figured this out and the OGs are pissed off. The more pissed off they get the more NFTs will be minted. Honestly, do they think people will just stop? I guess someone is going to be minting these on lightning.


!wen Bitcoin crash

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I wrote a small thread about art history and NFTs. It’s humble and very short but might give some ideas about the why and how https://twitter.com/ChadassCapital/status/1624307171834884098

I started a collection. The first mint is visible here https://twitter.com/ChadassCapital/status/1624911347132649474


.mp4 onchain yay https://twitter.com/ChadassCapital/status/1625325778756939777

The Discords will re open soon and the website is live at https://lonealiens.com

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The Discords is open Lone Aliens