Syrius Wallet Mobile App


I’m pleased to announce the first alpha release of the mobile app. For the moment only the Android version is available for testing.

I need permissions to upload the APK file.

Do not use it on mainnet or store any real funds until a stable release is ready.

Please use the testnet instead.

No more “deadlines” from now on.

Do we have a light node for NoM?


Added apk to the permitted extensions, try now please.

Welcome back

Can you please upload it to Github, as well?
We can potentially build it with Github Actions.

Not yet.

“Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 4 MB).”

I need ~100Mb.

It contains the TrustWallet Core library that has over 80Mb.

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Will you be sharing any source code at this time?

Updated temporarily to 125mb, but there’s potentially other settings required in the infra side to support this as he wasn’t able to upload the file, I quote:

The maximum attachment files upload size in kB. This must be configured in nginx (client_max_body_size) / apache or proxy as well.

I reverted the changes. @DrBlaze_21 agreed to upload the file in some file sharing service.

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Not at this time. The apps are still in heavy development.

Download Syrius Mobile alpha version APK

  • Do not use it on mainnet or store any real funds until a stable release is ready
  • Please use the testnet instead

I can integrate the embedded node, but it needs to be compiled for Android and iOS. I saw that libznn is built only for desktops.

This is something go-zenon developers should address.

I’ve suggested @mehowbrainz to setup a dedicated chat for mobile apps feedback.

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Here is the chat:

At the moment the go-zenon depends on C code:

Building znnd requires both a Go (version 1.16 or later) and a C compiler.

That means that we need to cross-compile it for every CPU architecture. I used xgo to do that and unfortunately it doesn’t support mobile targets.

If we can get rid of the C code dependencies and have a clean Go only codebase, we can easily target Android and iOS.

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Looks like the wallet link expired. I uploaded it here.

@DrBlaze_21 can you please share the checksum of the original file so others can verify the authenticity of this file? Maybe others community members can do it too who downloaded the file.

certutil -hashfile syrius-debug-alpha.apk MD5

md5 syrius-debug-alpha.apk

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Send 200znn and 500 qsr but the 500 qsr balance displays wrongly.

Also can’t change the name of adress 1.

And yeah I accidentally did it on main net, saw your post @DrBlaze_21 about asking not to after :joy:


Beautiful wallet and thank you for the work.

There’s a bug when you have the same word twice in your seed.
The word is “movie” in this case.
Once I select it, both turn grey and I’m left with 11 words and can’t confirm my seed backup.


It would be great.

The app is signed with a debug keystore. SHA-256 checksum:


What node do you use?



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I’m interested in UX feedback. How can we improve the UX of the mobile apps?

Used my own pillar adres as a node.

@DrBlaze_21 does this require a go-zenon v0.0.6 node that supports big int? I’m trying to get some testnet ZNN from but I cannot seem to get any.

using my testnet node on the hypercore testnet - wss://

sending to this address: z1qzu0c96cdq5q5z7amrlha64vea3j4funkfjf45

I can see lots of unreceived TXs. this is the wallet address for the mobile wallet I’m testing. I have the chain ID set to 321.

I see lots of spinning circle here


Yes, the mobile wallet only supports big-int nodes.

Syrius Mobile Wallet v0.0.2 is now live

  1. If you have a previous version of the Syrius wallet installed on your mobile device, please uninstall it (the versioning changed).
  2. Install Syrius v0.0.2


  • :alien: Added Staking feature
  • :alien: Added Delegation feature
  • :cockroach: Fixed mnemonic bug
  • :cockroach: Fixed QSR display bug

Can someone send me some test funds?

connected to wss://
Chain ID 3

  • no need to set mnemonic off the bat, prompts you to backup

  • assets tab just shows the green loading circle thing endlessly. History tab successfully shows “nothing to show”

  • was able to create new addresses

  • was not able to rename wallet addresses

  • love the AZ tab, none of the buttons are live yet it seems

UX wise - no major complaints, the logic behind actions and clicks seems very sound. Couple of small things though:

  • Font size of warnings such as the text when setting a PIN, seems a bit small “The PIN will be used to encrypt your seed”
  • I haven’t been able to find a direct way to bring up the token list
  • The ‘long-click’ on fields, is that meant to trigger a Copy action? Or it the animation just for visual effect?

Awesome work - many thanks for your efforts