Syrius Wallet Mobile App

From my vague understanding of @DrBlaze_21 reply

  • He acknowledges the scope of his work should not/can’t be covered by AZ funds alone.
  • He didn’t even calculate an exact cost for the project. Signals intention to “overdeliver” at current market prices. Too vague for us, we need the terms to be more clear.
  • Misses release date, which is not a big deal given the scope of the project. But communication with other community devs (especially given we had more than a couple interested in helping in this endeavor) must have a periodical and consistent cadence. Pillars should start to enforce this for future AZ projects.

He submitted the proposal on-chain with a subtitle for 5K ZNN + 50K QSR.

Development of mobile applications for both Android & iOS using Flutter technology.

And then later changed his mind on the price. Maybe we would’ve thought twice on the original proposal approval and its price if we would’ve had known it was only going to be for UI design, and that the eventual estimated development price would be at least $250K as he states. Things were convoluted. I don’t see how we could defend him given his total lack of communication and clarity.

Another possibility: perhaps there was speculation that the treasury would be worth more by a certain point, and the $250K+ would’ve been minimal as an expense?

I propose that we put an expiration date. If @DrBlaze_21 doesn’t reply/clarify by a certain point, we can assume he has no interest to communicate further and the community can move with its own plans.

  • Let’s put an expiration date
  • Let’s not
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imo there’s no need to wait for anyone who doesn’t bother communicating after leaving the community in ambiguity for so long. Best to just rip off the bandaid, accept that we’ve paid >20k in znn & qsr for mockups, learn from it, and move on.


At current market prices, we are paying him like 7k. I’m not sure whose band-aid needs to be ripped off. But given the amount and quality of the work, I think we are getting a good deal. If not, ask an actual designer how much that’s worth.

We should definitely learn from every single AZ project submission, this one is no different.

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In the list of priorities, I believe the delivery of the mobile wallet is less important than:

  • dynamic plasma
  • sentinels
  • wasm
  • unikernels

Once we have these critical components of the network functioning I believe the price of ZNN will be higher and it will be “easier” and less costly to complete the mobile wallet.

My recommendation is we discuss a community roadmap and establish priorities before taking any action.


I finished the Dart SDK porting to Android and iOS and I’ve started implementing the Figma screens.

I won’t engage in a polemic with you, sorry.

Yes, I’m working and preparing an APK release for the community to play with.

  1. I’ve redesigned the UI/UX of the mobile app after I’ve completed an in-depth UX research.
  2. Modify the Dart SDK for mobile app compatibility (Android and iOS): currently the Dart SDK only supports Windows, Linux and macOS.
  3. Creating the screens according to Figma user flows.
  4. Implement basic functionality: Send, Receive and Plasma.
  5. Implement extended functionality: Rewards, Sentinel.
  6. Implement security features: biometric unlock, root detection, etc.
  7. Polishing the app, bug fixing, testing and preparing it for release.

I stand corrected

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any ETA for beta release?

See, all it took it some noise for you to come around and clarify things. It ain’t heroic the way you’ve gone missing for 5 months so feel free to engage if you have anything to say.


Now the question is: at what price @DrBlaze_21. $250K? Less? More?

I stand erected.


Welcome back and thanks for the update.
I’m impressed that you have the skills to create a beautiful mobile UI and to update the Dart SDK.

What is your expectation of payment for your work?

Please keep us informed about your plans.


the syrius wallet mobile will be ready when you know approximately?

We are not sure. Maybe this quarter we will be able to test it? But that is a guess with NO feedback from the developer. We have been tracking the UI development which will get shared in the March dev update. Make sure to follow @learn_zenon on twitter.

Making good progress: public beta testing will start this month.


great news. thanks for the update.


@DrBlaze_21 Will the wallet have an embedded node? Have you addressed the IBD (Initial Block Download) issue?


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a16z developed this light node that can do an IBD in 2 seconds. Maybe something interesting here.