Syrius Wallet Mobile App

Now the question is: at what price @DrBlaze_21. $250K? Less? More?

I stand erected.


Welcome back and thanks for the update.
I’m impressed that you have the skills to create a beautiful mobile UI and to update the Dart SDK.

What is your expectation of payment for your work?

Please keep us informed about your plans.


the syrius wallet mobile will be ready when you know approximately?

We are not sure. Maybe this quarter we will be able to test it? But that is a guess with NO feedback from the developer. We have been tracking the UI development which will get shared in the March dev update. Make sure to follow @learn_zenon on twitter.

Making good progress: public beta testing will start this month.


great news. thanks for the update.


@DrBlaze_21 Will the wallet have an embedded node? Have you addressed the IBD (Initial Block Download) issue?


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a16z developed this light node that can do an IBD in 2 seconds. Maybe something interesting here.



I’m pleased to announce the first alpha release of the mobile app. For the moment only the Android version is available for testing.

I need permissions to upload the APK file.

Do not use it on mainnet or store any real funds until a stable release is ready.

Please use the testnet instead.

No more “deadlines” from now on.

Do we have a light node for NoM?


Added apk to the permitted extensions, try now please.

Welcome back

Can you please upload it to Github, as well?
We can potentially build it with Github Actions.

Not yet.

“Sorry, that file is too big (maximum size is 4 MB).”

I need ~100Mb.

It contains the TrustWallet Core library that has over 80Mb.

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Will you be sharing any source code at this time?

Updated temporarily to 125mb, but there’s potentially other settings required in the infra side to support this as he wasn’t able to upload the file, I quote:

The maximum attachment files upload size in kB. This must be configured in nginx (client_max_body_size) / apache or proxy as well.

I reverted the changes. @DrBlaze_21 agreed to upload the file in some file sharing service.

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Not at this time. The apps are still in heavy development.

Download Syrius Mobile alpha version APK

  • Do not use it on mainnet or store any real funds until a stable release is ready
  • Please use the testnet instead

I can integrate the embedded node, but it needs to be compiled for Android and iOS. I saw that libznn is built only for desktops.

This is something go-zenon developers should address.

I’ve suggested @mehowbrainz to setup a dedicated chat for mobile apps feedback.

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Here is the chat:

At the moment the go-zenon depends on C code:

Building znnd requires both a Go (version 1.16 or later) and a C compiler.

That means that we need to cross-compile it for every CPU architecture. I used xgo to do that and unfortunately it doesn’t support mobile targets.

If we can get rid of the C code dependencies and have a clean Go only codebase, we can easily target Android and iOS.

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