SYRIUS v0.0.6 Launch Sentinel accepts 50,000 $QSR deposit twice

On SYRIUS v0.0.6, user accidentally locked 2 x 50K $QSR for the same sentinel. He will try to revoke his sentinel in 30 days to see if he gets back 100K QSR. Not sure how we can fix this otherwise.

Can we prevent this from happening in the UI?

TX Hashes:

He could try to call the sentinel.withdrawQsr cli command to see if the excess amount of qsr is returned; otherwise a revoke might do the trick.


setup znn-cli-csharp

Open a new Bash Shell and change directory to repos.

cd ~/repos

Create a clone of the htlc branch of the KingGorrin znn-cli-csharp repository .

git clone -b htlc

Change directory to the znn_cli_csharp directory.

cd znn_cli_csharp

Compile the znn_cli_csharp code

dotnet build --runtime linux-x64 src/ZenonCli/ZenonCli.csproj

Change directory to the binaries directory.

cd ~/repos/znn_cli_csharp/bin/ZenonCli/net6.0/linux-x64

Withdraw the $QSR > See the following post for how to do that. There are a few considerations.

If that is not possible, follow these commands

./znn-cli wallet.createFromMnemonic "insert seed phrase" secret Wallet

# If the machine has an embedded node
./znn-cli sentinel.withdrawQsr -k Wallet -u ws://

# If the machine does NOT have an embedded node
./znn-cli sentinel.withdrawQsr -k Wallet -u ws://

The dart cli can also be used if the dotnet dependency poses a problem. The wallet does not have to be created if he runs the command on the same pc on which he registered the sentinel.

Use the following command to withdraw.

./znn-cli sentinel.withdrawQsr -k WalletName -u ws://

Replace the walletname with the address. It depends on how the wallet was created. By default the address is used as wallet name when created by s y r i u s. The name can be checked under the znn\wallet folder.

Replace the url if no local full node running on the pc.

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