Syrius: realtime graph not rendering a graph


Realtime stats are calculated on last week account blocks. Account blocks are retrieved by account block height. The momentum height is calculated using the frontier momentum height minus a fixed momentums per week constant of 60480. The calculated momentum height cannot be used to retrieve the last week account blocks and will always return an empty result.


Page through the account blocks until the momentum height of the confirmation detail is smaller than or equal to the calculated momentum height.

Implementation: GitHub - KingGorrin/syrius at fix-rt-stats


  1. What should be the page size. The infinite scroll bloc uses a page size of 10.
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That value tends to be 10.
I presume it’s to limit the amount of data that the node needs to pull and send back to the client.
rpcMaxPageSize = 1024

I haven’t experimented with this value much. Are you concerned 10 is too much or not enough?

No not too much, but too little maybe.

I’ve uploaded a fix for the impl. here GitHub - KingGorrin/syrius at fix-rt-stats

The less requests made the better. Ideally it should be avarage user tx a day times 7, which is dynamic depending the network usage with a minimum of 10.

But for now, 10 is fine.

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We can always adjust these variables. I’ll be testing this with mainnet and devnet to see if it works well/impacts dashboard performance.

Worked well on mainnet and devnet. I reviewed the code changes and didn’t identify any issues.

I think this could slide into v0.0.6 if others are okay with that.
We may need a public discussion about what is included in that version and what can wait until the next version (aka “negotiations”).



I agree with you @sol_sanctum

I think we only lack Linux and Windows packaging at the moment. After that we’re good to go and submit the PR.


Which will never get merged… but I’ll be the first to download it… I really appreciate all your efforts zirs.

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oof. I’ll be very sad if that’s what happens.
Mr Kaine promised us that he will merge changes.

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We need it merged under the official release imo, we can all try help get traction on that if needed

Too much positive traction for it to be ignored.

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