Syrius - Proposals - How to submit an Accelerator-Z or Hyperspace proposal

Accelerator-Z and Hyperspace are on-chain venture frameworks that are supporting a wide variety of products or services relevant to the Network of Momentum’s ecosystem expansion. Grants can be submitted, voted on and approved on-chain, with payment via milestone-based phases. To lodge a proposal:

  • First, follow the guide here for how to write your proposal: Zenon Network Accelerator-Z Proposal Template
  • Open up Syrius (ensure version 0.0.5 or newer) and go to the Accelerator tab
  • Select Create Project
  • Select your wallet address to pay the 1 znn fee and then enter the project details
  • Once submitted, you can view your proposal and progress by select the My Projects button under Project List
  • The Pillar owners will now vote on your proposal over a 14 day period. For the proposal to be successful you need >33% of all pillars to cast a vote (currently as of May 2022 that would be 28 Pillars) of which >50% must vote yes.
  • Engage with the Pillar owners on the forum by creating your A-Z proposal topic to give yourself the best chance of success.
  • If you are successful, you then need to go back into your project and create your first phase. The phase will be linked to your first payment milestone and you will be asked how much ZNN and QSR are required. Hopefully you have already documented all of this on the forum so you can just copy and paste. Re-use the post URL from the forum as the URL for the Phases also.
  • Submitting a Phase triggers another voting round from Pillars. You should only submit your phase when you have completed your promised milestones and are ready to be assessed for payment. If you receive quorum on the Phase vote the funds will automatically be released to the submitters wallet.