Syrius: fusing address select


Both the PlasmaBeneficiaryAddressNotifier and SelectedAddressNotifier get initialized with the default address when syrius starts. Selecting the default address for the beneficiary address under the Plasma tab won’t cause a change and subsequently the listeners will not get notified of the selected address.

This problem was less apparent before the Plasma Reset Bug Fix, because the address was always initialized when the Plasma was loaded. However, the problem is still present even without the Plasma Reset Bug Fix. For example, when selecting an address from the list, removing or changing the beneficiary address and selecting the same address again, will not change it.


Unlike the SelectedAddressNotifier the PlasmaBeneficiaryAddressNotifier only notifies its listeners when the address changes. This introduces a problem when selecting the beneficiary address under the Plasma tab.


Change the PlasmaBeneficiaryAddressNotifier to always notify its listeners when the changeBeneficieryAddress is called.