Syrius: Bug - Got negative available plasma

I was testing the newest release from @aliencoder on Mac. I had (previously) fused (3) plasma amounts. 10 qsr to the local wallet address, another 10 qsr to the same local wallet, and 10 qsr to my pillar. Then I hit “cancel” on all three addresses one after the other to remove the plasma on all three addresses and after about 60 seconds got this message. I navigated away from the plasma page and then back to the plasma page and the error went away.

At least it auto-recovered.
Still not sure why this error presented itself…

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Seems that a RPC with a negative amount was issued to the node. Weird bug…

I should also mention that I’m using my offsite node I could setup another test with the local node, but we will need to wait 9 hours for me to be able to unfuse.

Want me to setup for another test? I can move 10 qsr to the same 3 addresses, fuse, and want 9 hours (I think it’s 9 hours…) to unfuse.

Seems that hitting 3 times the cancel button in a row causes the bug.

yes, but not the same address 3 times. I got it when I hit cancel for address 1, 2, and 3 one after the other. I will fuse 10 qsr to multiple addresses to be ready to test again tomorrow.

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I will be ready to test this again today (in the evening) if anyone needs me to.