Syrius: bug fusing widget resets address field


There is still an issue where if you enter the beneficiary address, entering the amount resets the beneficiary addy to the original one, and you need to change it again.


A widget’s state is stored in a State object, separating the widget’s state from its appearance. The state consists of values that can change, like a slider’s current value or whether a checkbox is checked. When the widget’s state changes, the state object calls setState(), telling the framework to redraw the widget.


Comment out the setState(() {}); prevents the redraw of the widget.



Ha, funny you raise this issue. I experienced this too last night. It took me a while to figure out what was happening. I eventually figured out I just needed to paste in the address, then the amount, and then could fuse. But it seemed strange.

Glad you raised this issue. It should be fixed b/ for a new user it could be frustrating for them.

You can open a PR and I’ll merge it.

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I can confirm this was fixed in the latest release on mac. But I found a new issue. Will create a separate post.

I don’t know where to post this, but can we have a toggle for notifications? Or maybe only get important notifications (sent/received txs, plasma generated…) ? I’m getting a notification for copying my address for example.

Yes, but it requires more time for implementation. Disabling notification should definitely be on a task list in the future.