Syrius: AZ my projects filter


A non-pillar user has to switch the selected address to see projects on another address. While a pillar user sees all projects for all addresses.


An user with 3 addresses
Address 1 has a pillar registration and 3 projects
Address 2 has 1 project
Address 3 has 1 project

  • When address 1 is selected, the user sees all 5 projects when activating the ‘My projects’ filter tag.
  • When address 2 or 3 is selected, the user only sees project 1 when activating the ‘My projects’ filter tag.


When address 1 is selected the user is considerd a pillar user, otherwise a non-pillar user.

The ‘My projects’ filter tag, filters on all user addresses, but as a non-pillar owner the result set gets filtert down in the _filterProjectsAccordingToPillarInfo function to all active projects or projects owned by the selected address.


With the following change the situation would be equal to that of a pillar user and the user would not have to change the selected address to see all his owned projects.

This above solution brings non-pillar users in line with pillar users, but eventually one does need to switch to the owned address when creating phases. This applies to both non-pillar and pillar users. This could be a bit confusing when someone is not familiar with the concept. The “create phase” will only be visible when the address of the project owner is selected.


  • Allows the user to see all projects without the need to switch.


  • Confusing when creating phases

Alternative solution

Bring pillar users in line with non-pillar users. Both user types only see “my projects” that match the current selected address.


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I’ve decided to exclude this PR for the v0.0.6 release. We can integrate it in the v0.0.7 release.