Supernova EVM extension-chain

:exclamation::exclamation::exclamation: Please make sure you’re running the latest supernovad binary :exclamation::exclamation::exclamation:

cd /root/supernova
git pull
make build

Kudos to @0x3639 @tapwoot for the seed nodes. Please add them in the config.toml (Step 14).

Actually all producer keystores must have the pubkey exposed because they are signing momentums. But I’ve only searched in the Zenon Tools explorer UI.

I need the public key in hex format. I’ll ask again for both the public key and the signature.

Current status:

@0x3639 :white_check_mark: :seedling:
@coinselor :white_check_mark: :seedling:
@tapwoot :white_check_mark: :seedling:
@mehowz :white_check_mark: :seedling:
@SultanOfStaking :white_check_mark:
@edgepillar :white_check_mark:
@sugoibtc :white_check_mark:
@nbd :white_check_mark:

Kudos again @0x3639 @coinselor @tapwoot for the seeder nodes :seedling:


how many do we need active for the extension to run?

A minimum of 3 extension-chain Pillars.

I’ll wait for @mehowbrainz @nbd and after that I’ll post the genesis.json with genesis_time 12 hours into the future, such that everyone will have enough time to upload the genesis and start the supernova service.


Unfortunately, I’ve discovered a small mistake in the gentx command (the chain-id) and you’ll need to redo the genesis transaction for your extension-chain Pillar.

rm -rf /root/.supernova/config/gentx/gentx-*
supernovad gentx pillar_moniker 1000000000000000000000stake --chain-id supernova_74506-1 --moniker="pillar_moniker" --min-self-delegation="1000000" --details *insert signature*  --ip=""

Please note that I’ve added the --ip parameter where I’ve specified the localhost instead of the public IP. We can’t remove the memo field after it’s signed because we invalidate the signature by doing so.

Check the hash of the genesis.json file:

sha256sum genesis.json

Should output:


Commands to run:

supernovad tendermint unsafe-reset-all
rm /root/.supernova/config/genesis.json
nano /root/.supernova/config/genesis.json

Paste the contents of the genesis.json and Control+x to exit and Y to save.

Fixing the supernova.service:

cp /root/supernova/build/supernovad /usr/local/bin/supernovad

Edit this line from supernova.service:

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/supernovad start

systemctl daemon-reload 

After that you can start the supernova service:

systemctl start supernova.service

Please add @mehowbrainz’s seed node to the seeds entry in the config.toml:

seeds = "b91ab16e7454eeaabcb0d4c5d2f900a08ed518aa@,7efe3e47afbbf38c44179d3802aee4cad7af47eb@,7cd3cb605a8da6a7be20736c171ee33d307d6f88@"
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I will prepare the mainnet rollout for Supernova ZVM. We still need to accomplish 2 things in the meanwhile:

  1. A fully functional explorer: @mehowz’s dev is helping us with devops and @0x3639 can host the archive node for it.
  2. A fully functional bridge interface to seamlessly swap ZNN and xZNN. Here @dexter703 can help us or anyone that has experience with frontend development.

Is it possible to have a P2P bridge in S Y R I U S?

The swaps between xZNN and ZNN are enabled by the bridge orchestrators. If anyone is interested in creating a bridge interface in Flutter, then we can integrate it directly into Syrius.

But we first need support for Ethereum in Syrius to make this possible (Supernova uses Ethereum’s secp256k1 and RPCs to operate).

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@aliencoder If you need any help with art stuff, or a collection to test (NFT) please let me know via TG (@itsdyddy) or here.


You can prepare a new collection for the extension-chain mainnet launch (zoon).


Hello, Aliens :vulcan_salute:

I’ve re-purposed the Zenon Bridge interface to support Supernova ZVM.

Supernova Testnet Bridge interface:

@0x3639 @mehowbrainz @aliencoder you can start testing it.


Thank you @dexter703! You’ve done an amazing work so far!

I’ve released a statically linked supernovad binary with rocksdb support to enable faster transaction throughput and block sync.

rocksdb is much more efficient than goleveldb given that it’s written in C++ and is maintained by Facebook:

Please download and update your supernovad binary:

If you’re running a supernova node, please:

  1. Delete all blockchain files from ~/.supernova/data directory,
  2. Add db_backend = "rocksdb" to ~/.supernova/config/config.toml.
  3. Resync from scratch. rocksdb is not compatible with goleveldb format.

It is mandatory by all Pillars that run extension-chain validators to upgrade to supernovad with rocksdb support.