Status of Stuck TX from ZNN to wZNN

All stuck ZNN to wZNN swaps have been sent to Mr Kaine. He said that they’ll unstuck them after the bridge is deprecated. If you want to document your stuck TX again, feel free to reply to this thread with the transaction details. You can do it anonymously too. However, I’m not sure it will improve the situation in any way. If you previously reported the TX to Sigli, Mr. Kaine has them.

I wish there was something more I could do to help.


I hope stuck znns from ZNN > wZNN bridge come soon to my wallet.

Here is my txid:

thanks for your help.

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There are stuck wZNN to ZNN transactions too

I have ZNN stuck here. Was trying ZNN → wZNN on BSC Bridge. It was on Jan 20, 2023. Been almost half a year now.


I have DM’ed this info to Sigli (who deleted his TG account now, and was of no help at all) and deeznnutz (who gave helpful replies).

Documenting here too. I’ll keep checking this thread every month from now.



beena while my stuck txns as below*gguju9*_ga*MTQxMTgxOTQwMi4xNjg3MjYwNTE5*_ga_M2F8KJ59YQ*MTY4NzI2MDUxOC4xLjEuMTY4NzI2MDYxNC4wLjAuMA

also i believe this one wasnt collected but it was so long ago i cant remember*gguju9*_ga*MTQxMTgxOTQwMi4xNjg3MjYwNTE5*_ga_M2F8KJ59YQ*MTY4NzI2MDUxOC4xLjEuMTY4NzI2MDYxNC4wLjAuMA

Any new on this? I have 1k ZNN still stuck somewhere in the void.

I will continue to try and receive feedback from Kaine. I’m using TG.


My friend has a wznn to znn transaction that’s stuck .
Bsc transaction hash - 0xc865d5931dcfa6fff07902d57c5d7f75c78bcb349c71a63852274908d3866018

It’s a very small amount. It’s been a while now

TXs have been unstuck. Please check.

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I also have a ZNN stuck transaction. Was trying ZNN → wZNN on BSC Bridge. It was December 17th 2022.


Thank in advance

You’ve already received them back.