Sponsored Forum Articles

Similar to the treasure hunt - we also have funding in our Phase 1 delivery for some sponsored forum posts or articles. My original thoughts were having it targeted to new onboarding users to Zenon.

So from looking at it from the perspective of a new user - rather than send them elsewhere to learn about the network we could have the core information here too (whilst also linking to the Wiki etc. which helps with SEO).

Example topics:

  • What is the Network of Momentum?
  • What makes ZNN different?
  • How the fair launch of Zenon was a game changer
  • Feeless transactions and dual coin mechanics

They should be written in a forum post style, but be in depth and detailed enough so that readers don’t need to go hunting elsewhere for information. @zyler9985 has already started on a FAQ style article and I’m looking for at least 4 more to be written. Payment would be in ZNN and QSR after we submit Phase 1 for vote.

Any volunteers or suggestions?

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We may pivot here - and work on a detailed FAQ or series of FAQs to help newcomers get across key aspects. So perhaps hold off on submissions for now.

I can use the inbuilt Discourse tracking tools to determine specific site traffic to these posts/categories which will be useful info to share with zenon.org and mehowz also


mega FAQ sounds good. We can turn into a wiki post on the forum and we can constantly update it.

working on it

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