Skillset Library

Hello everyone,

I want to present the Skillset Library idea to you. We have a long way to take but since we doesn’t have a lead or owner, things are going slowly and unplanned. I want to help to plan our roadmap and successfully reaching to our roadmaps. To do this, I suggest to have a proper Skillset Library. When we have an idea, we can reach to related person and share our workload with other. It will help us to build faster and strengthen our internal communication.

You can reach the Library here:

Please reach me out on Telegram: @zenon_turkiye and let me give you editor role, or request access directly from the sheet.

We’ll make Zenon great again!

I think this is a nice idea, but I’m not so sure about your execution.

You start by suggesting to build a skillset library, as in, actual skills/proficiency: Go programming, Photoshop Image editing, Premiere Video editing, Communication, Sales, etc… But then you link to a “time-management” google sheets with undefined buckets asking where we see ourselves putting time into for Zenon.

Personally, I’m trying to overlap my interest in skill acquisition / learning stuff (mostly programming/devops/ai/marketing) with deliverables the network could leverage in the future. Notice these are not skills I’m proficient at yet, so knowing what I’m good at could definitely help us use our resources more effectively.

We do this to some extent, but I applaud the effort to organize them further.

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If you see we have several pages bottom on pc and top on mobile, check development in example. In the first page we’ll have person list for the all contributors, in each of other pages we’ll have relevant technical skill fields people’s experience percentage in the relevant field. I couldn’t define all fields since I’m not professional, maybe someone who has more marketing experience define the marketing page’s fields, and so on