Shill me $ZNN

I’m going to write an article that can be shared on Twitter when a users says, “shill me your favorite crypto” or “which token should we list next”

Open to ideas, outlines, AI art, etc… Hope you guys can share some thoughts I can use.


Fantastic initiative. Must haves that are a little difficult to explain imo:

– Team. People know that most startups fail, and that there’s many centralised pump and dumps in the space. To build trust in the people behind zenon and faith they can walk the talk; highlight some achievements so far, and point to the btc ethos indicating OG Bitcoiners are likely backing it. Some in the community think it may even be prominent Bitcoiners, as eccentric as it sounds some believe steganography has been used to drop hints about its initial funding source – but we’ll leave it to you to play detective. (Or similar to how you worded it in your other article hinting about schizzo)

– tokenomics. People love to know that the token actually does something. The key is explaining what the token is for (governance) as well as a brief explanation of what this use-case actually looks like (delegating to influence the weight which determines the ranking of validators which effects additional rewards they receive; so they mint znn in proportion to their socially assigned value and are incentivised to govern properly as the community delegates)
(gas) so qsr isn’t spent but is locked to create ‘plasma’ for tx complexity and throughput (up to you how indepth you explain this, given that its a shill article and not a wiki post … a long shill article go indepth, a shorter one thats mainly shilling doesnt need an essay for it)

– competitors; other layer 1s for apps and NFTs, other layer 1s aiming for defi with bitcoin; perhaps an indepth comparison is better for another article, but for this one could give an idea of their marketcaps and therefore where zenon could land in its journey of marketcap growth

– realism that many things are still being built, many things still on their way; but therein lies the opportunity as early adopters enjoy a very healthy ROI for projects on the road to future greatness. Greed is a great way to lure people in; but then we want to make them stay by educating more about bitcoin, the shift towards a decentralised paradigm and we will turn them into cypherpunks. essentially orange-pilling them via green-pilling them.

– how much to say, what not to say … the grand vision of satoshi’s ethereum is difficult to describe in a shill article, but i reckon “Satoshi’s Ethereum” should be in there somewhere even if its a one sentence thing.


Let’s think about the outline too. How should we organize it from start to finish. Assuming most people will only read the TLDR…

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diff ways you can outline it. i have two suggestions:

what is zenon network, what is its usecase, is it decentralized?, what is the tech, who is the team, how to buy, where to learn more (the snoop video basically) … this way it’s like, reader is given prerequisite knowledge to understand the next section, so it builds and builds.

The bullish case for zenon; the problem with many layer 1s (centralized, not scalable, no btc interop, etc. security via sec) ; enter a solution in zenon which solves or aims to solve all of the above so explain what zenon is; usecase and tokenomics supply scarcity utility; team; and at the end their vision. but ending on team is pretty spicy too. Basically shazz’s VC slide deck, but as a simplified article with some things ommitted depending on technical depth sought for.

I’d save team for last.


Let’s collab on this one (if you can). I have some work stuff today but have time this weekend to write.


Tell them we have our own Ordinal project.

  1. Bitcoin is the center of the decentralized crypto verse.
  2. Bitcoin can’t do it all.
  3. Zenon is the best bet for a decentralized web5.
    4, Next market cycle will be about decentralization.
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do we have any examples of good shill articles? Let’s look for some.

Notes for article:

The great filters a ZNN OG must pass to make it:
– skepticism, ridicule, FUD
– super FUD, stonewalling, waiting/patience
– swap decay
– mind games, from both external and internal sources
– exchanges holding coins hostage

Shilling is kinda marketing so it highly depend on the target. I, for exemple, look first at:

  • Does the narrative of the project fits the market ? Can it pump the bag ? Is it trending ? Am I late in this one ? Ex: eth killers during the ico craze in 2018, DeFi = new paradigm in 2021, NFTs is art etc.
  • The tokenomics ? Circ supply mcap, unlocks, FDV.
  • Who’s onboard ? Depending on who’s in, it’s bullish or not. I have my own blacklist.

But I’m a swing trader profile. Others might have different checkboxes.

To answer 0x, a good shill article depends on the target. Maybe someone would even be interested in the tech who knows :nerd_face:


good perspective and feedback. My thinking was to be able to share an article in response to the following ? on twitter:

  1. “Shill me your next low cap gem”
  2. “What token should we list next”
  3. “What token is the next 1000x”

I don’t think we are going to see wild price action until we have:

  • sentinels
  • WASM

Maybe we focus on #2 and #3 above. Hard to sell $ZNN to a swing trader. Down only for now IMO.

Some key points to focus on imo

-feeless network
-truly decentralized layer 1 network with embedded smart contracts to control core services
-reliable, 0 down time in over 12 months
-scalable and flexible due to the nimble nature of the core layer
-low market-cap and potentially hugely undervalued currently
-on-chain governance
-fully fledged desktop wallet
-strong community support

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also it doesn’t have to be just an article, having some short succinct points to share in TG or Discord would be helpful if newcomers are asking for a TLDR on the network

Add it to attribute.zenon ,so we can share links