Sentrify Proposal

Binary designed to hide the Pillar and its IP behind proxy nodes for DDOS protection. Already coded. Only one phase for max funds requested. Will always keep it up to date!

Requested funds: 1000 ZNN, 7000 QSR

Proposal URL (GitHub - MoonBaZZe/sentrify)

  • Yes I support this
  • No I do NOT support this

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I voted yes. I have not implemented this yet but plan on doing so. I’ve read the code and understand that is does protect a pillar by using Public nodes you can trust. I’m not sure this provides DDOS protection as the text above says. You can accomplish this with a hardware or software firewall. Pillars do NOT need inbound ports open.

So as I understand it, Sentrify gives pillars access to trusted Public Nodes that are in control of the Pillar.

Not sure what is being proposed. Is that a software for running a general proxy that would be used by pillars? Or a service of public nodes that could serve as such proxies?
I think at some point during testnet it was suggested to use something like sentinel nodes, which are also common in other networks - each pillar operator would run a separate node to segregate the pillar from the outside world. It would be a standard node with just some config changes. How is this related to the proposal?

MoonBaZZe previously created this Sentrify script. You run it on your pillar and it changes the section of the config file where the Pillar can connect to any public node. You then need to setup 2 public nodes. The script then changes the Pillar config to only use these two Public Nodes. It also sets the firewall so the pillar will only connect to the 2 Public Nodes.

His proposal also includes ongoing support for the script.


The funds go to MoonBaze yes?

Yes, he submitted the proposal and linked to GitHub. I just posted here so everyone can see the proposal.

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