Self sustaining Accelerator Z

  • In this tempo AZ funds will be used in 2-3 years probably.
  • Zenon is a long term project and we should have funds for growth anytime until max supply will be reached.
  • Why not delegating and/or staking the AZ funds? Seems like a reliable idea.

Offtopic: What happened with devs funds? Were all transferred to AZ?

Isn’t this a good thing? More funds for more growth long term?

To achieve sustainability, we also need to go back to $10 range at least. I don’t think this price level is going to be sustainable for development in the short term (next few months).

Imo we need to do something about the price in the first place.


Fully agree on the price. At these prices I think many are approving projects in hope it does something to push the price up without analyzing the size of the ask but most of what has been developed is not attracting people to our ecosystem.

If the price is higher as you suggest existing voters will likely be more critical of how the funding request are formed + we will start to attract dormant pillars as we move higher and I know we have a number of intelligent business minded pillars that would be excellent in playing their role w/ AZ but wont be bothered to come back as currently there are many more places for them to spend their time for a higher return.

To move price though we need to enable trading… The timeline on that feels drawn out (based on time elapsed not checkpoints) but maybe I am missing something there?

We have some ideas to continue to fund AZ here but doing things like allowing it to delegate are effective at 800k, less effective at 8k…


I should clarify “not attracting people to our ecosystem” - what is being built is needed to attract people to zenon, but nobody is coming for incremental improvements to nom. The devs are doing an awesome job we just need some price action and active trading - Zenon showing as inactive on coingecko right now.

That’s exactly why I’ve prioritized WalletConnect and Syrius improvements over other things. Now that we have an ETH market thanks to @sumamu and his team, we need a clear marketing strategy to attract new people asap.

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Where is Dr Blaze ?

I think Sidechain, Syrius Mobile and shilling some feature foundation of NoM can attract new people

But that development will reduce a lot AZ fund

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There’s only two marketing ideas that I see working in this market right now:

  • One is to attract new devs with funding or great features they can build on.
  • Two is to build something people actually use. For now we only click “collect rewards” and that’s it. Build a SIMPLE cool game on top of the FEELESS network we have and normies would realize the advantage of the NoM over others. A simple game can be built within a few days in a gamejam ( is (was?) a good exemple). It can be incentived with player’s money; people putting money in a PvP, earning whatever others lose and you build a userbase with an actual product. Bam, marketing on without the cringe of "my coin’s better [insert_buzzwords]

Food for thoughts. I’d vote an absolute yes to any good game idea that can actually be built and is fun. BTC Machine got a simple game the community is having fun on and their community is almost 40k people. We could learn from that.


Extension chains is what I’ll focus on after I finish the current tasks.

I think this is a very good use-case for a dApp on the extension chain.

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Exactly this, and I’ve been trying to work on both.

imo we don’t have the time to wait for the extension chain and we have enough utility today to build zapps/games.

inb4 but chain bloat.
I don’t care. We need applications and devs can migrate to extension chains when they’re available.


probably need spork rights to do this. Dynamic Plasma and governance contract are becoming more important.

This is a good idea. I wonder if someone from the community can research this more and propose some ideas on either games or degen game devs who could be interested in joining NoM. Don’t need dev skillz to research!!

Even if it’s a flash in the pan idea. It will get eyeballs on the project.


Unfortunately, you’re right, there are other priorities.

As for the game/zapp poc, it’s possible to deploy “zapps” but devs need to be creative and solutions may not be entirely trustless at first (depends on the concept).

How about something simple like Chess?

Online chess has been exploding recently and I know actually has web3 login credentials with already

UI could be simple:

  1. Create a room or join a room
  2. Place ZNN and/or QSR amount prior to game set by room host
  3. Winner gets the payout

Literally what I wanted to do.

Any system involving automated payouts will likely need users to trust the service providers.
Sumamu mentioned this wasn’t necessarily true but I don’t know how we can leverage smart contracts on another chain.

What the f… is that boomer game. I respect your tastes but c’mon ser

Chess played with znn? Stakes from 1znn to 100znn per round? I’m not a dev but chess would be simple to create, right?
Better idea = Chess+ Other game??
Why should we stop to only one game, c’mon?!?!

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Imo there’s almost nothing less catchy than a dull chess game. This is an easy not so much fun way to provide not so much fun

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