Seeking help for programming "Needs" content


I’m currently working on the “Needs” pages (think of them as job description pages), and I need the programming community’s help to fill content. I can handle all non-programming content i.e. decentralization goals, accessibility (liquidity, listings, dex etc), marketing/campaigning.

The current programming needs listed (can be changed if no longer relevant, they were written months ago):

  • Atomic Swaps
  • Cross-Chain Bridges (can be fragmented to individual chains):
    – BTC <> zBTC
  • Merge Mining
  • SDK’s (can be fragmented to individual languages)
  • Smart Contract Runtime Implementation (zWASM)
  • New NFT Standard Implementation
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • ZNND Optimizations (IBD, TX processing, Light Node)
  • Enhanced P2P Layer using libp2p
  • Unikernel Integrations

The structure of the pages will include the following sections (and more), I need help to fill the following for each need:

  • Description
  • Purpose
  • Requirements

I’m also open to adding more sections i.e. directing users to specific repos/code to onboard them better.

Thank you.


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