Satoshi's L1 - Story Campaign Preview

To be deployed as
Estimated to launch within 2 weeks or so.
Coded at 95%.
Added new split testing variation systems to the framework, allowing us to test 2 versions concurrently.
Might go multi-lang, will test
Known as “Direct Response Marketing”, designed to hack the onboarding cycle.
Highly developed in collab with @cryptocheshire

Desktop preview

Mobile preview

This is the style of funnels / campaigns I can deliver for the community / Pillar brands. Branded as whatever domain, integrated with the automatic 1% bonus assignment. Be as creative as you want.


i love it

imagine a world where all chains are on zenon.

for the sake of an extra letter imagine every time you saw ETH AVAX BSC SHITCOIN it reads






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I had originally chosen znBTC because that’s the wording on the symbol:


it’s a very very good answer
aside from wanting to delete my post i wonder just saying


“It’s a natural extension of Bitcoin”

Have to be careful with claims :wink:

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Great job, only two things that stood out:

  • The image quality of the video screenshot is terrible quality (I watched in a desktop widescreen monitor, I assume on mobile it’s decent, but are you sure you took the screenshot on 1080p? or can you limit the size of the image so it doesn’t stretch in desktop?)

  • The phrase “Exclusive invite to our announcement channel (closing doors soon)!” after “The most Bitcoin-like network since… Bitcoin” felt like an electroshock into my maxi nerve. I strongly suggest rewording the time-constraint with something that would make more sense instead of an “announcement channel”. For instance, a classroom-like or group event that cannot have unlimited participants to better serve each person individually, would make sense. I’m sure we can think of something better.


We use a gif actually, the links above for both desktop and mobile are screenshots. On the coded site it’s crystal clear.

Okay I’ll think of something. It’ll depend where we send the traffic-to: either current TG main, or some other channel with a conversion-intent purpose. TBD.


I propose 2 channels:

znBTC AMA: An invite-only AMA channel which exclusively serves newcomers from funnels. Graduate are referred to Zenon TG main and more importantly the new znBTC Digest channel described below.

znBTC Digest: A dedicated announcement channel that carefully selects and presents crucial information in an easily accessible format, aimed at reinvigorating and motivating our audience to increase participation, pile more tokens, and stay loyal rather than pursuing alternative ventures. Currently, Zenon’s main channel lacks in delivering this level of clarity and directness.

I want to remain focused on building the marketing tech, new funnels / stories, launching/optimizing campaigns. My job is to bring traffic through the doors (which include the 2 channels above), and increase conversions directly through the funnels at the lowest costs possible.

Would you support an AZ to fund the maintenance of such channels? Talent can be sourced from the community or brought in as new.

  • Yes
  • No
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Yes I would. Personally I think an announcement channel is more feasible because it doesn’t require around the clock presence

What if the AMA’s are held during limited work hours / timezones? Can we realistically pull this off with existing or new talent?

  • Yes
  • No
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How about just hinting at participation in the AMA with limited spots for hardcores who complete the digest with some certain criteria for qualification, and maybe even throw in some reward: ZTS token, random EVM nft promise, discord role, USDT giveaway, whatever.

My only concern is making the “limited time offer” CTA make sense.

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The framework has A/B (split testing) abilities, so we can rotate traffic to 2 variants of the page at once. One with a limited time offer, the other without. Metrics will tell us which performs best.

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The landing pages have been translated to:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

The campaign will go global.



All language translations have been completed, support for right-to-left text (Arabic and Hebrew) has been added.


Did you translate using machine? If so, I can have a look at Turkish one


Same. I can look at Spanish.


I’ll take danish


I can do Swedish if needed. :sweden:


Thank you to all, we will have it deployed pretty soon under a dev URL. I used GPT4 and my wife checked the Spanish variant and said it was perfect, so I have faith in its quality. Human reviews are still part of the QA.