S Y R I U S Chrome Extension Store Submission

In order to accelerate adoption of the new Bridge, I recommend @dexter703 should refactor the S Y R I U S extension to support manifest v3 and submit an AZ for the work.

@vilkris pointed out that the wallet supports manifest v2, and apparently google has changed to manifest v3. Google will not accept the SYRIUS Chrome extension unless we upgrade. I think this is a high priority to accelerate adoption of the bridge.


{“description”:“Syrius extension provides a non-custodial wallet solution for Zenon - Network of Momentum that can run in the browser”,“version”:“0.1.9”,“manifest_version”:2,“name”:“ZNN Syrius Extension”,“background”:{“scripts”:[“background.bundle.js”],“persistent”:true},“content_scripts”:[{“matches”:[“http:///”,“https:///”,“<all_urls>”],“js”:[“contentScript.bundle.js”],“css”:[“content.styles.css”]}],“browser_action”:{“default_icon”:“icon-34.png”,“default_popup”:“popup.html”},“permissions”:[“storage”,“unlimitedStorage”],“icons”:{“128”:“icon-128.png”},“devtools_page”:“devtools.html”,“content_security_policy”:“script-src ‘self’ ‘wasm-eval’; object-src ‘self’”}

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Is there still plans to activate the Syrius Browser extension or did the consensus move to using Metamask Snaps?

I hope we can move to metamask snaps. The existing plugin needs a substantial upgrade.

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