Reviving physical coins for #HyperGrowth initiatives

I’m reviving the physical coins production. Here’s a Q/A followed by a poll.

Question: How can they be used?


AZ can purchase batches of coins (as coupon codes to discount the cost of the coin + shipping) for activities such as:

  • PR / biz dev sends freebies to rapport with some journalists / editors / contacts.
  • Create cross-community coins to build rapport with community leaders / members. Send freebies to some, do giveaways.
  • Incentive to complete a funnel (sign up as a lead, which then gets nurtured through the Intercom system).
  • Devs give them away to other devs as a token of appreciation, whether it’s to say thanks for some code used or to say hello.
  • Retweet contest in markets to gain visibility on a topic.

Example of a community we can target: TheDevNFT as pointed out by fellow alien The_Alien_Dev. We can give a few away to prominent members to say “hello”, maybe do some campaign exclusive to their community and give a bunch away. If people didn’t win one and want to buy one, they can on the store (there will typically be extra supplies).

Question: How effective were the RUNE coins when you campaigned with them at TC?


  • High retweet counts when used in contests.
  • Served as remarketing vehicles when winners posted pictured of their physical coins.
  • Sparked new relationships with projects i.e. Akash Network (AKT), Zilliqa (ZIL).
  • Helped convert spectator THORChads into contributing THORChads (devs, analysts, creatives etc).
  • Served as an appreciation token for the entire ShapeShift team and many others in the industry.
  • “Can you mail one to ________ please?” happened all the time.

Question: When should they be used?

Answer: It depends on the objective above. I would only recommend giving away large batches in a bull when things start to shake up. Being mindful of market timing should always be considered, for all marketing initiatives. Smaller giveaways to KOL’s (key opinion leaders) could be worthwhile towards the end of a bear. It’a all about nurturing the right leads at the right time.

Question: How will we give them away as a community?

Answer: They will be managed under an e-commerce shop named, and the distributor will manage coupon codes / discounts. Campaigners can submit AZ to purchase batches of 1-time codes, which discount the coin or shipping (or both) to $0.

Question: Is this store affiliated with Zenon.Org?

Answer: The store may participate in joint ventures with Zenon.Org for drip campaigns.

Question: How much do they cost to land at the person’s door.

Answer: When I produced them in ~2021, ~$12-20, depending on the material, plating, shipping address. These figures will be recalculated as I rekindle my relationship with the manufacturer in the coming week.

Question: What’s included in that cost?

Answer: Design, manufacturing in China, shipping/duty fees to the distributor, mailers (bubble wrap), shipping labels, postage, handling.

Question: What’s the minimum order for a new mold? (new design)

Answer: We need to order 500 of a specific design.

Question: Is there a discount if you order larger quantities?

Answer: Yes, such pricing calculator can be showcased.

Question: What happens with the leftovers which aren’t purchased by AZ?

Answer: They’ll be sold on the online store.

Question: What materials are they made from?

Answer: Iron, Zinc Alloy, Brass, Copper

Question: With which materials are they plated?

Answer: Imitation gold, silver, copper, antique, black nickel, 24K Gold. Below is a preview of the imitation gold (personally would recommend 24K gold as small blemishes do appear over time on the imitation gold ones).

Question: Can they be colourful?

Answer: Yes, we can add enamel to the designs and fill some areas in whichever colours we’d like.

Question: Do they come packaged in any special way?

Answer: As show in this tweet, custom packaging can be developed as well, however it’ll increase the costs. To be determined if custom packaging is to be developed.

Question: How fast can you have a batch of 500 coins produced?

Answer: The RUNE coin order took about 1.5 months to arrive to the distributor. I can get an updated figure as I rekindle discussions with the manufacturer.

Question: What markets should we target?

Answer: The first series should focus on our primary market: BTC, while always hinting Zenon somewhere in their designs. It can either be BTC on one side and ZNN on the other, or if that’s too strong of a shill, we can do BTC inspirations on both sides, and leave mysterious ZNN clues within the design. We will work as a #HyperGrowth community on design ideas and markets to target. Here’s some BTC design I had done some years ago but never got produced:

Do you support #HyperGrowth teams submitting AZ’s to buy batches of coins (as coupon codes) for their marketing initiatives (when the market timing is right)?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you support this initiatives, please post a community/market which you think aligns well with #ZenonNetwork’s mission.