Reorganized Forum: Collaborative Workspace

While Discord/Telegram spaces are great for quick questions / discussions, the forum is a space where one can post a topic which requires greater community discussion and tracking over a period of time. Think of it like a major open project tracking system for the community and ecosystem.

Over the last few days I worked on a new architecture which allows us to:

  1. Have a methodology in place to transition a discussion to → staging it as a roadmap item → posting a proposal and submitting it on-chain for funding. This process is for any project except a ZIP.
  2. Clearly track which A-Z projects have been accepted and not delivered yet.
  3. Have a clearer segregation between topics.
  4. Assign new moderation guidelines to staff.

The following changes have been made to the forum:


  • Widened to 1410px max width.
  • Zenonized theme. Overrode a bunch of CSS.

User Experience:

  • Always visible side navigation with categories in desktop.
  • Landing into latest topics (no longer category list).
  • New ‘My Posts’ and ‘Bookmarks’ options in the top nav bar.
  • “Funding | Staging” subcategories have been preconfigured with templates when posting new topics (new topics are reserved for moderation/staff only).


  • New Finance category: Any discussion related to finance-related topics i.e. liquidity, exchanges, listings, bridges etc.

  • New Operations category: Any discussion related to the community organization, spaces, methodologies, human resources etc.

  • New How-to (to be eventually phased out and content to be moved to

  • New Archived category (a methodology has to be developed with moderating/staff to move dead/closed topics into the category.

  • New sub-categories:
    – Funding | Staging: Topic creation is restricted to moderators/staff. Users can reply to topics. The community is to use the roadmap post in the each subcategory to discuss network needs for the year. Once needs are confirmed by the community, moderators/staff will stage the need as a new topic for anyone to discuss how to execute. Marketing teams will work to attract talent into the the topic via inbound/outbound marketing strategies. The topic will be dubbed the as the “main thread” for the project. A direct link to the topic will be posted posted projects, marketing funnels etc.
    – Funding | Submissions: All proposals submitted on-chain and which were posted in the forum, have been moved into this subcategory. Topic creation is open to anyone. Moderators/staff will keep track and tag topics with their updated status (until we automate this).
    – Bugs (exclusive to Development category): Any discussion related to Network / Zenon wallet bugs. We will find a way to create a new tagging methodology for various ecosystem products.


  • Disabled tagging for non-staff: New tagging methodologies will be developed for moderation/staff.
  • Deleted unused user groups i.e. developers and marketing.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Nothing changed for the main categories: Development, Finance, Marketing, Operations. Users are welcomed to post the same way they always did.

  • If a user identifies a topic which should be included in a category Roadmap, he should post it to entertain a discussion. If the community agrees within the Roadmap topic, the moderating/staff creates a new topic for the project in the Staging category, and advises the marketing teams to prepare their marketing campaigns to attract new talent into the network (if no one in the community raises their hand to take-on the project). Marketing teams will funnel new talent into the staged official topic for the project.

To be completed:

  • Clean up the moderators/staff, and only keep dedicated A-Z funded staff who commit to their role. This will assure that the staff performs their duties, and doesn’t take the role loosely.
  • With moderators/staff, we can organize a Discord space call to discuss:
    – The workflow
    – How to moderate topics over time: should they be kept open/closed/moved to archive? The plan is to keep the space clean and organized.
    – New tagging systems to keep track of Staging topics
    – New signalling systems to other teams i.e. a new topic will require campaigns from #Marketing teams (new Staging topics in #marketing:funding-staging)

Please provide feedback.

  • I like it
  • I don’t like it (please post why)

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Let’s schedule a Discord space to chat about the workflow. I’m available any day between Feb 10-18, except on 14-15-16th.