Recent Q&A regarding NoM for a Newcomer

This is a copy / pasta between @georgezgeorgez and “Roberto” on Zenon TG Channel. Good intel in this post.

How does the team intend to bring mass adoption of the protocol and create a network effect?

One of the explicit goals of our network is interoperability and helping facilitate a multi chain future. In this manner, we seek to complement and add value/utility to other ecosystems, in particular BTC.

The industry is in consensus that the path to scalability is layered. In my view, the network has been designed from the ground up to support layered scaling.

Our network also has some very nice properties on its own.

Is the idea behind the project innovative compared to the competition and how can it capture the market?

Our network introduces many novel ideas or combines existing ideas in novel ways.
For example

  • we have a dual ledger, with a block lattice and meta ledger which confirms it.
  • we have a dual coin economy which allows for feeless transactions (tokenized throughput) and creates network security incentives to continuously decentralize the network infrastructure
  • the hybrid usage of PoW which will be further developed
  • our network is only half implemented right now, and the full implementation will bring other new ideas/innovations.

Does the team have enough funds to survive the bear market?

We don’t know anything about the founding team’s funding or really how much work they still intend to do.

Does the team have an adequate marketing strategy?

Our network has an on-chain grant program that community members (not a corporate foundation fund) controls and votes to distribute. These grants can be applied towards development activities, sales activities such as cex integration, and marketing activity.

So the strategy is to empower the community, which has some experienced marketers in it.

Does the token znn have the necessary utility that will create sustainable long-term demand?
Does demand for the token increase as use of the protocol increase?
Does the token model allow for holders to benefit from increased adoption?

ZNN is the native currency of the network. It is needed for infrastructure and to generate QSR for throughput.

It’s utility is access to the network and the utility of the network, for example once we introduce smart contracts and the ability to create trustless bridges.

So as network adoption increases, it will create demand for the tokens.

Through delegation/staking, rewards are available for all network participants as well.

The network is disinflationary and long term the emissions will be determined by the community.

In addition, whereas bitcoin is a natural trustless money for energy constrained value, I believe that the dPoS nature of the network makes ZNN a natural trustless money for assigned value.