Rango Exchange Listing Thread

Now that $wZNN is listed on Rango.Exchange, I figured it would be worthwhile for us to have an official thread to discuss new possibilities with the relationship developed ie:

• Can their devs use the $wZNN bridge code to enable conversion to $ZNN within their interface?

• What’s the evolution from here? ZTS token listings when available?

Rango seems open to ideas!

[UPDATE] Proposed ideas:


A wQSR market would be a great next addition tbh. Though we’d still need a bridge.


Is this something community should be able to do? Or up to the core devs?

According to Sigli / the devs everything should be there for the community to build it themselves but some community devs seem to have a different opinion as some of the bridge side code isn’t public.

In any case, since the current bridge isn’t trustless we’d need a better alternative anyway (perhaps using MPC with multiple community signatories, e.g. pillar holders)


Another idea: Push PR to the Zenon — Network of Momentum wZNN section of the main site with a new button/link:

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