Rango Exchange Listing Bounty - 100 ZNN


DeeZNNutz.com Pillar will pay a 100 ZNN bounty if you can get wZNN listed on one of these .json files on Pancakeswap. I’m copy pasting a message from @mehowbrainz in TG on the topic.

So I got a reply from Rango Exchange friends re getting wZNN picked up by their DEX/aggregator for cross chain swaps:

“We checked, we use these three lists for listing tokens. Is it possible for you to add your token to these lists?”




Now how can we get wZNN listed in the 2nd list ie the extended one?

He added: “Your welcome

I will follow up to see if there is another ways for listing your token”

Can we make some #noise on this Pancake tweet? I DM’d them: https://twitter.com/mehowbrainz/status/1523284507276754945?s=21&t=soGit1yvnl6m0jpQ7w-UXw


Yes either pancake updates their json, or my Rango contacts find a way to add wZNN on their side. Will checkup with them next week, I’ve nagged at them about it too often XD


Guys - I found the link which I think explains how to do this.

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Looking at the readme it has these notes regarding pull requests to the two lists that Rango seems to require:

How to add new tokens to PancakeSwap (extended) token list

Note - this is not something we expect pull requests for.
Unless you've been specifically asked by someone from PCS team please do no submit PRs to be listed on default PCS list. You can still trade your tokens on PCS exchange by pasting your address into the token field.


How to update Top100 Token list

Note - this is not something we expect pull requests for.

So if I’m not missing something here it would appear that PCS doesn’t accept PRs from just anyone to add their token into the lists. I have no idea how PCS decides what tokens they accept in the Top100 list but I’m assuming it can be tricky to get onto that list.

Ya I read that too and was confused a little because I don’t know what yarn is. I was thinking running these commands in yarn and adding the token to extended would somehow notify PCS of the change and they maybe have some “tool” to manage the requests… rather than some rando changing the json and issuing a PR.

I googled all over the place and could not find instructions on how to add to this list. This was the only thing I found.

@zyler9985 This bounty has your name written all over it. I think we need to write a medium article requesting that we add ZNN to the extended list on pancakeswap.

(pancake-toolkit/pancakeswap-extended.json at master · pancakeswap/pancake-toolkit · GitHub).

This should be a short and sweet article. Something that can be read quickly. Target audience is the Pancakeswap devs. We should explain the proejct, and request addition to the extended list. We should highlight the trading volume on the token, link to white paper, etc… Then we can ask @mehowbrainz and @ZenonORG to help market it.

I’m happy to work on a draft with you if you can start the draft. You will get all the bounty.

Started DRAFT article here. DRAFT Medium Article to add wZNN to the extended token list