QSR <> wQSR bridge pair

wQSR token has been deployed:

QSR <> wQSR bridge listing has begun and will become active in ~3 days.


What are we thinking for incentives? wQSR/ETH or wQSR/wZNN?

I wouldn’t even dare speculate what pair might suffer higher impermanent loss. I say we incentivize wQSR/wZNN. Here’s a poll.

  • What LP should Orbital Program incentivize first?
  • wQSR/ETH
  • wQSR/wZNN
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Yes strongly agree on the wqsr/wznn

How to create a eth<>wznn<>QSR routing. Rn this doesn’t exist. Have to buy znn every time to buy QSR. This might confuse 1st timers.

We need to create a buying guide

I was under the impression that routing was done automatically by Uniswap. Anyone knows why that’s not happening?

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I do think it’s automatic. They should route for us.

According to this discussion only token- eth pairs cud be routed.

So only if wQSR-ETH and wZNN-ETH are present , uniswap will route wZNN-wQSR swaps, or swap with any token with ETH PAIR. Since we have only wZNN-wQSR pair, ETH-wQSR swap isn’t working


Given this, we should give priority to wQSR-ETH.


We barely have 300k liquidity on ZNN and you guys want to incentive QSR…

We should prevent further inflation of znn supply at any cost if it’s not counterbalanced by new capital inflows, otherwise all ou will achieve is make znn dump even more!

We have P2P for QSR. There is absolutely zero reason to incentivize wQSR pairs as long as there isn’t any sustainable volume on wZNN.


I think we should avoid any further orbital dips until we start to gain momentum and volume again


Last discussed it was suggested the wQSR orbital portion could be somewhere around 1/10th of the wZNN/wETH rewards, so not a major bump in inflation.

Imo the bridge is a clear route for onboarding so when the time comes that new ppl are trickling in it would be a shame not to have easy access to wQSR on Uniwap. Its likely the first asset someone may want to hold in order to transact on the network.

For example once we have a wrapped stable coin on NoM, are we suggesting OTC for buying 120 QSR for plasma?

Im already in the pool not worried about rewards, so maybe we can incentivize some other way, besides orbital, so that even with low liquidity at least it will be available in the near future.


At first I was an advocate of incentivizing the wQSR pool with the Oribtal reserve, but as been stated by others I think putting our money into the pool would be less efficient as QSR will only be worth anything if ZNN pumps…

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And for ZNN pairs to be traded an eventually pump, liquidity would be a plus

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More toward this point: A tiny amount of orbital rewards would incentivize the market of LPs to provide a tiny amount of liquidity.

The availability of QSR on Uniswap is important for onboarding new users.

It’s also another positive step forward in development of the ecosystem.

The QSR/ETH pool could literally be 1 ETH just to enable people to scoop 100 QSR ($10).

A dex market for QSR seems like a plus. It makes the dual token economy more real.

And again, easy acquisition of QSR for onboarding new users. I suspect it will also have positive effects overall on the price stability of both tokens.

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Why couldn’t we take a tiny fraction of the rewards from the current wZNN-ETH pool to incentivize wQSR-ETH?

This won’t have any effect on inflation, but might have a massive effect on liquidity. If we have 300k liquidity and all of it is locked, and we rugpull a tiny amount of their rewards, most people won’t care and we might easily get anything from 25-150k in wQSR liquidity. It’s not much, but better than nothing.

It sets a bad precedence for future liquidity lock-ups, but I think it’s reasonable given our current situation.

wQSR-ETH pool is necessary if we have to onboard new users.
When bull run comes, we will be having lots of newcomers who know only to buy from a CEX. It would be unrealistic to expect them to deal with the complexities of a dex.

A tiny amount of orbital rewards siphoned off to wQSR-ETH is good. The rewards they lose from ZNN pool they can gain from QSR pool