Publish Syrius Wallet on AppStores

I’m wondering if no one’s wants to dox can we just hire a developer for the sole purpose to publish Syrius under their apple developer ID

We’ve already discussed this.

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We can take ownership of the account as part of the deal, essentially hiring someone’s ID then they pass the creds over to us. No idea if anyone would go for it though

No, If I do this I will do it the “right” way. I think I have a path to provide the protection I’m looking for. It’s going to take some time to set this up, but I think I can do it.


Breaking the Apple TOS isn’t breaking the law

I agree with @dat_she_pepe and avoid US incorporation. There are many crypto-friendly jurisdictions around the world.

Couldn’t agree more. We should stay away from US exposure by any means necessary

Hello, Angelo. Thanks for tagging me here.

The LLC would be assuming full legal and compliance responsibility. I recommend handling this with great care and evaluating each step carefully.

DAOs are not the holy grail many people think it is. Depending on the circumstances, they could actually be riskier than traditional entities such as an LLC or a Corporation. A recent case, for reference:

The order also imposes personal liability on certain of the Ooki DAO’s tokenholders as active participants, an argument which the CFTC asserts is based on partnership law: “Individual members of an unincorporated association organized for profit are personally liable for the debts of the association …” (emphasis added). As noted above, the CFTC considers a DAO to meet the federal definition of an “unincorporated association” because it is a “voluntary group of persons … without a charter … formed by mutual consent for the purpose of promoting a common objective.”
As defined by the CFTC, any tokenholder who voluntarily votes his or her tokens to affect the outcome of a DAO governance vote is considered to be a “member” of the DAO. This should be considered as a serious warning sign to DAO tokenholders who are active in voting on governance issues: beware the extra-legal activities of the DAO, as you may be left holding the bag. This does, however, exclude passive tokenholders, which is a meaningful distinction, given that governance participation is not mandatory and that governance tokens liquidly trade on decentralized exchanges.

I could formulate a project to do detailed research on this, determining the ideal steps to follow that would minimize, to the minimum possible, the regulatory and legal risk of publishing mobile applications. Is this something the community would be interested in?

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What is the last status of this topic?

Perhaps we spin one of these up?