Publish Syrius Wallet on AppStores

In order to increase the visibility of Zenon and the confidence in using Syrius wallet (especially on MacOS where you’re prompted to move it to Trash), we need to list it on major AppStores:

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The mobile wallet and the extensions should be on stores as well.


Can you help us with the listings?

What do you need specifically? Just a willing entity with an App Store account?

Let’s see what are the requirements to list Syrius in the first place. I think it’s a lot easier than the smart contract audit stuff.

Where do you want to see Syrius published first?

  • Windows Store
  • Mac AppStore
  • Snapcraft (Linux)
  • Flathub (Linux)

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A good start is to create an Apple developer account and notarize Syrius. Without Apple’s notarization process, it just looks like a computer virus.

We can either use a dedicated Flutter library or standalone packages (for Windows we can use msix)

Some info regarding Windows Store:

Please inform the community of the costs before asking for a vote.

.msix certificates are a recurring, fluctuating cost in the low $100s/year.

How do we account for legal liability of the publishing account? Can this be abstracted away somehow? Certain jurisdiction of publishing entity perhaps?

There are a ton of open source & non-custodial wallets published on various platforms.

We need to find a solution asap because if we want adoption to happen, we need to act now. Users are always looking for the easiest way to install and run a wallet.

For the moment, this thread is just informational. We need to discuss how to distribute Syrius wallet on major app stores for increased visibility & user confidence.

I’ve done some research regarding Flutter app distribution and this is one of the best tools for the job:

For Linux:

  • appimage - Create a AppImage package for your app.
  • deb - Create a deb package for your app.
  • rpm - Create a rpm package for your app.

For MacOS we already have DMG. We only need to notarize both the .app and the .dmg.

For Windows:

  • exe - Create a exe package for your app.
  • msix - Create a msix package for your app.
  • zip - Create a zip package for your app.

Would you support an AZ project worth 5k ZNN/50k QSR to implement the flutter_distributor?

  • Yes
  • No

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After the implementation is complete, we can start publishing the resulting packages.

Why not Snapcraft or brew for Linux?

Challenges/trade-offs with msix and exe should be understood by the community.

Logistically, doxing may be required for binary signing. Who will be responsible for that?

brew is for Mac :slight_smile: [insert sarcasm]

exe with installer/uninstaller is very noob-friendly.

Someone that will recognize the added value that publishing will bring for the project.

Topic moved to #operations:funding-staging


This may be the most viable option on Windows until we decide how we want to sign binaries.


Would you support an AZ project worth 5k ZNN/50k QSR for me to doxx and submit these apps?

  • YES

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Jokes aside, I would support AZ payment for someone willing to dox and manage the submission/certificate issuance and signing requirements for this use case as well as getting the Syrius exe signed/trusted by Microsoft for use in Windows

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If we really want adoption to happen, we must publish Syrius in AppStores.

Let’s start with a simple task: notarize Syrius for MacOS. It requires only an Apple developer account to manage certificates and it’s free.

I can look into this. What does “notarizing” Syrius do for us? If I were to open a new Apple Developer account, can I generate certificates needed in the notarize process?

I want to make sure I don’t violate the TOS. I’m assuming this would need to be some sort of “team” account given that I’m not the one writing the code.