Proposing the VELOCITY #0001 Community Call

I’ve been chatting with a few people lately about the many open projects and need to be completed by current (and new) community members.

We’re slowly solving the organizational and cleanliness issues with Discord and the new Forum architecture.

Yesterday @sol_sanctum and I spoke on a call for the first time. We addressed the leadership issue present in the community i.e. no project manager overseeing all technical development needs, and the difficulties of onboarding new participants into the network without some tooling (which is being developed), better documentation and most importantly: lack of defined project scopes.

We then landed on the SYRIUS Mobile App discussion, which led to the realization that no one is probably actively engineering the product (he got paid for a design prototype, not code). A few politely asked if he’s “still working on it”, but none of us actually dug into what he promised to deliver, and understood that his job finished a long time ago when he finished the designs (minus the prototype in Figma which he didn’t do and I started today).

While I was re-organizing the forums and speaking with a few members, I began to actually see how dysfunctional we actually are at the moment. “When in doubt, zoom out” ~ something I learned in my few years of studying TA back in the day, and it stuck with me. We need to zoom out and take a step back, we’ve got a lot to do.

I propose that we organize a first ever VELOCITY #0001 Community Call to discuss a multitude of topics:

  1. Go over Development, Finance, Marketing and Operation 2023 Roadmaps, and list out missing items + prioritize them.

  2. Discuss the need for Project Managers for every roadmap. I for example can handle the Marketing Roadmap. I’m also capable of writing project scopes on related topics. Perhaps there’s others in the community which can assign themselves similar responsibilities for the other roadmaps. And if we can’t find someone suitable in the community, should we hire such role on a part-time basis using A-Z? One thing I know is that Momentum never starts on its own. I personally always function better under some form of Momentum / leadership / pressure. I tend to create noise and chaos, and it’s what the momentum going with my early days at THORChain.

  3. “Aliens Anonymous” therapy for anyone who wishes to let it out.

We seem to get along as a collective, we’re all level headed, let’s take the next step forward to increase the velocity.

Please vote if you agree to a first call. The date and time is undetermined. I first want to get a sense of participation rates and people’s timezones.

Please post your timezone and typical availability (day of the week and time) if you’d join such call. With the data I will evaluate and propose a day/time for the call.

  • I’ll join
  • I won’t join

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Monday at 3PM CET? Is that the time?

No time set yet. For those who voted yes, please post your availabilities i.e. preferable days of the week and times (with timezone)

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For me, 11pm - 4am GMT most weekdays.
Usually am available on Saturdays, as well.

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Weekdays 2pm - 9pm GMT (Thursdays 4pm - 9pm GMT)
Saturday 1pm - 4pm GMT
Sunday 7am - 9pm GMT (Best day for me)

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I’ll leave it open for a few more days for others to post their availabilities.

Monday through Friday these times are generally good. Weekends for the next 6 weeks are very difficult for me. We have swim meets and swim meet traveling all over the place. So if weekend only works for others Sunday is usually best. And after 9 or 10PM GMT is best.

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This schedule would also fit for me!

2PM-11PM GMT mostly

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Monday through Friday 10AM-5PM GMT

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