Proposed Category Setup

@romeo initial proposal for Categories:

General (includes price chat)



Wiki (include pinned posts for guides/tutorials here)

Developer Submissions (open to all to view)

Developer Chat (limited to dev group)

Marketing/Branding (limited to marketing group)

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I’ll throw this out there… how do you feed about an OTC channel that is for a certain level? That would definitely weed out the scammers.

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oe yea that could be a nice feature, works even better if the majority of Telegram/Discord users will also be active on this forum. Perhaps you could even send those OTC threads to a certain telegram channel. Perhaps the highest level will also be promoted on the forum to be the escrow party. Trust is always important with these things ^^

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Once we open things up and people start joining w/out restrictions let’s discuss w/ Shai and the other brokers to get their buy in.