Proposal: go-sdk

Project Name:
Golang ZNN SDK

This go sdk contains every functionality so that anyone who writes apps in golang can connect to a znn node and communicate with the network through it.
It has:

  • Create and read keyfile
  • Send and receive account blocks
  • Interact with embedded contracts
  • RPC calls
  • Subscribe
  • Examples and tests

I coded and tested this by myself but I had George’s go sdk as a starting point so a part of the funds, if accepted, will go to him. I also found some small issues with go-zenon code which I will post on github.


3500 ZNN & 35000 QSR

Phase 1
1300 ZNN and 13000 QSR for the work done by now ( 20% of it will go to George )
Phase 2 and more
Will keep it up to date when further go-zenon updates are pushed to github


In light of new community developments, I came to the conclusion this will be a longer project than I initially imagined. It is my desire and hope to be able to participate in the long term development of the ecosystem and be able to welcome and support newly joined community developers, such as the team developing the cross-chain bridge. For this reason I will ask for maximum funds as Zenon is here to stay!


Which team is developing a cross chain bridge? Is that under active development?

Why is the go-sdk worth 5 times the effort of all the other SDKs without clarifying any of it in the A-Z proposal?

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Could be the fact that it zennies are worth 2$ rn. But I am curious how he realized that the development of the go-sdk will take longer than initially envisioned.

A break-up of the estimated hours it will take to complete this would also be appreciated. Here’s 2bonahill’s rust sdk proposal for example- znn_sdk_rust/ at main · 2bonahill/znn_sdk_rust · GitHub

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A telegram user sumamu announced that his team is looking into the cross-chain bridge solutions. I have been in contact with them since then. They seem to have extensive knowledge of tss .


They represent just the maximum funds for the proposal, I will ask less for the phase. It is just for the long term.